Three-Day Summer Hair Tutorial

Warm summer nights are coming.

If that sentence makes you want to put on something floaty and run through wheat fields with the butterflies, and dance around bonfires on the beach to the beats of drum circles, this soft and charming braid from Sincerely, Kinsey is just what you need.

Sincerely Kinsey Hair Braid Tutorial

Click for the full tutorial.

Although summer hair is supposed to be simple and effortless, keeping it pretty without the frizz, without (much) product and without any heat styling is a feat. You can find Kinsey’s tutorial for her summer nights braid by clicking on the photo above.

If you want to find out how to turn it into three days worth of gorgeous summer hair, with tips from a professional a) hairdresser (me) and b) perfect-hair having festival kid (my sister), read on.

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How to Find Your Perfect Stylist or Barber for Short Hair

I heard a stylist friend of mine once said to a client, “I don’t give you a haircut, I cut your hair.” I will always remember that, because it perfectly articulated how I operate as a barber. It is also the key both to building a rabidly loyal following in the hair industry, as well as to finding your perfect barber or stylist, with the caveat that this mostly applies to the shorter styles, on both men and women.
I’m a terrible hair client, and really low-maintenance as far as my look. I know my head, I know my hair, and I know exactly what works on me (from the neck up at least) and what doesn’t. I’m just a pain in the ass in the chair. It is also why I do so well behind the chair.
This is what I do to truly customize my clients’ cuts. The next time you end up in a new barber or stylist’s chair, watch and listen to see if they do any of these things:

1. They pay attention to your cowlicks.
I see way too many men coming in and wanting a combed back style when the eleventy million really strong cowlicks on their head point straight forward. Just because you have had that style for thirty years does not mean it is suited to your head.
The idea is, if you hair wants to lay a certain way, don’t fight it. Work with it. I start with a good wash and finger blowdry to see what the hair does in its natural state. Then I finger comb the hair quickly in a few different directions to see if I happen across something that looks like the beginning of a style. Very often this step tells me everything I need to know.
2. They bring up product and styling early in the visit.
My mother is a hair spaz. I have been cutting her hair since before I did this professionally, and her complaint was that I always made it look great, but she couldn’t do it herself. So I continued to simplify her cut more and more until all she had to do was towel dry it, fluff the waves into place, and then not touch it.
If you don’t mind spending a few minutes or 10 to style your hair in the morning and are proficient with heat tools, awesome. If you’re a wash and wear type, maybe a little goop occasionally, cool. If conditioner is too much of a hassle, then sigh, but fine, there are cuts that can work with that too. Your barber has to have a good handle on which you are or you’re going to look a mess until your next cut.
3. They look at you like an artist.
How can you tell? They will get close up, then farther back, from above and below, all different angles. Sometimes they will get eye level with you and stare right at your face, all creepy-like, sizing up your features. Sometimes they will get all zoned out and forget to talk, and it might seem a bit creepy (I’m so guilty of this). Do not fret, this is a good sign.
There are a lot of failed artists in the hair field (hello!). We have an eye for shapes and lines, good fine motor control, and a high level of attention-to-detail, which is what separates a serviceable haircut from a great one. If your barber mentions and art background, you’re probably in good hands (you might even think about asking if they draw).
How to make the most of it
If you notice these signs in your stylist or barber, especially on your first visit, and they give you a good cut, stick with them, but only if you are willing to consider their suggestions. They are the types that will get to know every detail of your head and hair inside and out, and over time will craft your absolute perfect haircut – one created just for you.