My Seed Starting Adventure

There is true magic in watching seeds sprout in the spring. For you egomaniacs out there, you are literally creating life. It’s pretty cool. To give your plants their best start, many of them can and should be started indoors, right about now.

Seed Starting

Let's get growing

Why should you start seeds indoors? How should you start them? Which plants benefit from starting indoors? When do you start them?

I had absolutely no idea, so I did a whole lot of research. It seems there is a lot of conflicting opinion out there. I’ve waded through it, and these are the this seems to be the consensus.

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Seed Catalogs & Grow Lights Oh My!

It’s the most da da da wo-der-ful time da da da of the yeeeeear… That’s right, seed catalog time. Oh, those sweet glossy pages of seeds large and small, annuals, perennials, herbs, fruits and vegetables, heirloom weirdness and wonder. It is a treat of hope and joy, a sign that spring is right around the corner.

Seed porn.

Not that we had much of a winter this year. I think we have had half a dozen snowfalls. Really Chicago? Is that all you’ve got? Of course we will undoubtedly have a freak cold snap in June or something that will kill everything that we have planted, but that comes with the Zone 5 territory.

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How to Grow Carrots Indoors

Would you like to grow carrots year round indoors? Here are a few simple tips from growing pretty, healthy carrots even right inside your kitchen window.

Mutant Carrot

Problem child carrot

Photo via Phoenix Dark-Knight

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Roasty Garden Goodness

It’s been a long day, but I come home to a delightful surprise tonight. We have been buttoning down the yard and garden for the winter, and we still had a ton of carrots in the ground.

Garden Carrots

Last carrot harvest of the year.

This year we planted purple haze carrots and rainbow carrots. The purple haze ones actually are purple on the outside, fading to orange on the inside. The rainbow ones range from deep orange to white and yellow, all from the same seed.

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November 1st, 60 degrees and sunny. What the hell?

Just as I was expecting the good weather to be over (it just snowed 30 inches in New York and there are 2 million people without power), it’s gorgeous out. As they say around here, if you don’t like the weather in Chicago, wait a minute.

I finally got outside to check some of the perennial seeds I got started about a few weeks ago. They’re all popping up, some more than others, but I wonder if they’ll have time to get settled before the serious frost hits. Perhaps I’ll just leave them in the pots until I can transplant them in the spring.

Starting Seeds

Starting the seeds

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