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Geektastic Night

Writing out sweater knitting pattern, mapping it in Excel and watching Buffy. It’s my kind of night.

Walden’s Wood Mitts Knitting Pattern

The leaves are falling, the air is chilly and crisp…and that means it’s knitting season again, which further means I am neck deep in the woolly goodness.

It’s also the perfect time of year for mitts. Or armwarmers, or wristwarmers, or fingerless gloves, or whatever you want to call them. It’s not quite cold enough to need full gloves, but it’s definitely brisk, and you want to block the cold from creeping up your sleeves.

Walden's Wood Mitts

My Walden’s Wood Mitts, in a dusky blue color are the perfect thing to wear while creeping around in the woods being contemplative and taking pictures and stuff. And trying not to fall off the brittle tree roots jutting out over the stream that one is precariously perched on while a 4-year-old pokes you in the back with a stick.

Or reading, or holding a steamy mug of hot chocolate, or waiting for that damned bus, or freezing your ass off at work. Multipurpose, these mitts are. Enjoy, and if you make them, send us a photo!

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Infinity Scarf o’ Squish

Ready for a super snuggly infinity scarf pattern that will flex your knitting techniques? By using a cable technique with no defined edges, instead of a neat little cable, you get a fat twist in the fabric.

Infinity Scarf o' Squish

This was taken in the morning while trespassing again. Read on to see what was happening an hour later.

My problem with knit infinity scarves is that the size of the loop is often awkward, causing it to either strangle you, or hang limply, not doing much to keep you warm. Fat cables solve the problem, without even using a chunky yarn. Keep reading for my free pattern.

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DAO Bunny Pig Knitting Pattern

My January pattern, which is the first pattern I have designed specifically for you guys, is a trio of adorable little Bunny Nugs, named after the food source/occasional pet Nugs from Dragon Age: Origins.

Oh those adorable little subterranean bunny pigs. Leliana, one of the party rogues who happens to be absolutely loony, names hers Schmooples.

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Bed of Moss Infinity Scarf

Bed of Moss Infinity Scarf


Want more knitting? Click the rainbow here.

I love those items that come to be in a yarn shoppe, where you see something gorgeous in your favorite color. You’re drawn to it. When you dig your fingers into it, it’s just magical, soft and dreamy. You pick up two or three skeins (depending on how much change you can scrape out of the bottom of your purse), because you know that you just can’t leave without it.

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