A Photo a Day | 365 Photo Challenge

This year I want to become a better photographer. So does Papa Bear.

And we know just how to do it. An epic 365 Photo Challenge!

Biker Papa Bear & Baby Bear

Seen here all bikery and badass with the Harley shirt-wearing Baby Bear

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Tea Time | Daily Instagram

Tea Time

With the job Papa Bear has while in school (at a fantastic tea shop), we have an unbelievable amount of gorgeous loose leaf tea around the house at all times. Ye-haw.

365 Photo Challenge | Day 4 | Fur

Day 4 - Fur

Day 4 of the 365 photo challenge is “Fur.” This was an easy day, because we have two furbags lounging around the house at all times.

This is our fat little kitty Wiggum, who is almost never seen by anyone who doesn’t live here. But she is very fat, and very cute, a silent little ninja of soft grey and wiggly belly.

Kitteh Luvs | Daily Instagram

Kitteh Luvs

Monty here used to hate little Wiggum when we first got her. The unending sweetness and adorability seem to finally won him over though, and now these snuggles happen all the time. Immediately after this photo was taken, a mutual head bath began, and lasted a half an hour. Sweet little bastards.

365 Photo Challenge | Day 2 | New Beginnings

Day 2 New Beginnings

Day 2 of the 365 photo challenge is “New Beginnings.” Papa Bear and I have officially decided to do that whole bebeh thing. And if you know anything about me, you know I don’t do anything without a lot of research. Let the voracious reading begin!