Knitted Toys and The Project Shoppe on Etsy!

Knitting is a hell of a drug.

Once you begin, there is no going back. At first, you’re content with acrylic yarn and plastic needles. Then you move up to metal and wool. Then you discover bamboo and cashmere. It’s a slippery slope.

Knitted Toys

Baby Bear SURROUNDED by Rainbow Blorps

Even if you’re a knitter who is addicted to the good stuff for wearable knits, there is a way you can use up those random partial skeins of yarn, no matter how cheap or rough the fiber: toys.

And in case you were wondering, yes, you can totally buy these dudes pictured here on my brand spanking new Etsy shop, The Project Shoppe!

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Rainy Day Rain Cloud

It has been an oddly rainy, mid 40s day in mid December in Chicago, but then I saw this adorable puffy little rain cloud and I felt my clouds lift a little.

I might have to figure out how to knit one for Morgan’s room – perhaps in a slightly Last Unicorn clouds sort of way – but if you would like a puffy little cloud to brighten your room, you can always go the easy way and pick one up from ElinAmanda on Etsy.

They are each unique, made to order crochet creations, and the rest of her work is a fantastic blend of cute, funny and uneasy. There’s something just real enough about the pieces as to make you think they’re up to something. Go check them out, they’re super cool.

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