5 Tips for a Perfect Engagement Session

Your engagement photos are something you want to get right.

Not to be on a blog necessarily, (although we will be featured on Rustic Wedding Chic on the September 29th – keep an eye out!), but for your future selves. Just imagine looking back on yourselves many years down the road when you’re awesome old people at your much younger and deliriously in love selves. I know if I had photos like this of my parents from before they were married, they would be absolutely priceless to me.

But an engagement session is about more than the photos themselves. We didn’t do one for my first wedding, and consequently we had absolutely no idea what to do with ourselves in front of the photographer on the day of the wedding.

Tyler & Natalie Engagement Session

You’re spending some money on this photo session, making memories and images to last a lifetime, and having a dry run with your wedding photographer, all in one. Here are five ways to make your engagement session the best it can be.

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A Rainbow and Strawberry Field Engagement Session

He is a baker. I’m a barber. Together we’re kind of an old school couple.

Although we have been engaged for some time and the wedding is right around the corner, we wanted to do an engagement session anyway. Tyler (this is a very special post, so I’ll call him by his real name for this one) and I are both very uncomfortable in front of the camera, so we wanted to get a little practice before the wedding day.

Rainbow and Strawberry Fields Engagement Session by RobertaRae

Bobbie of Roberta Rae photography is an old college friend and incredible photographer, wedding and otherwise. Although we had lost touch after school, once I ran across her and her work again of Facebook, I knew that she was our shutterbug.

This engagement session, in Bobbie’s capable hands, turned into the most beautiful morning and images, filled with love, rainbows, strawberry fields, raspberry thickets, haunted houses, trespassing and MAGIC.

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After the Engagement Session

Papa Bear and I had our engagement session with Bobbie from RobertaRae Photography this morning!

We trespassed, found giant spiders, adorable little toads, a slightly worrying and stalkery dog that I totally dog whispered, wild strawberry fields, meadows of raspberry bushes, haunted and abandoned houses, a Lost-style hatch (or 2), and all other manner of fun and excitement.

Engagement Session

Happy and tired and still feeling phantom crawly bugs

Papa Bear is all accidentally decked out in Mumford-inspired thrifted Banana Republic, and, inspired by my leetle seester, I just wore a rainbow. Both sans shoes. I don’t know if we could have been any more us for our engagement session.

We will be getting photos soon, but I was just too excited not to share a quick little self-taken backyard snapshot with you!