365 Photo Challenge | Day 47 | Emotion

Day 47 - Emotion

Day 47 of the 365 photo challenge is “Emotion.” This was a one in a million picture. Baby Bear makes such spazzy faces when she knows you’re taking her picture, but to get a genuine emotion on camera is a rare feat with her. At least she’s mostly past her “lobotomy face” phase. This is what she looks like to us, every day.

Morgan’s Cosmic Moon

Every parent thinks their kid is special. That’s a cliché for a reason. In our case, though, it’s totally true. The giant birthday book says so.

Tyler (also known as Papa Bear) has this giant book, called The Secret Language of Birthdays. I thought it was your typical generalized astrology stuff, until I started reading my pages, his, Morgan’s, my mom, dad, and all my exes. It was about that time I started getting goosebumps.

hot n cold by utopic man

Hot n Cold via Utopic Man

Morgan (also known as Baby Bear) was born on June 20th, the day before the summer solstice. That day is called “The Day of Ecstatic Appeal.” According to the book, her strengths are that she is emotional, rousing and charismatic. Her weaknesses are that she is overly emotional and destructive. A few of my favorite quotes from her day: [Read more…]