Cousin Clam Digging Feast

My dear cousin Elisabeth is freaking amazing. Why, just the other day, she dug up, killed, dismembered, cooked and overconsumed some massive razor clams. This is her story (and recipe!) This is what says about her:

Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan is Grist’s “Greenie Pig” — weathering all manner of inconvenience and insult in the name of forging a more eco-friendly life. She is a freelance writer and former editor at Backpacker magazine. Her writing has also appeared in 5280 (Denver’s city magazine), Women’s Adventure, and Spry.

Adorable little cousins in Stoughton

Early August 1987 in Stoughton, WI. Elisabeth, left, age 5, me, right, age 4. We were inspecting shells.

In my Homemade Jam for Christmas post I gushed about her a bit too. She has always had this thing about mollusks, though. See?

Read on for the full story and recipes…

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Homemade Jam for Christmas

Christmas was wonderful this year. I got two days off in a week, in a row, I got to see my family, and my wonderful cousin Elisabeth who I don’t get to see nearly often enough.

Super outdoors-y cousin turned urban hippie

Elisabeth seems to have gotten all the good genes in the family (along with her little brother John, who seems to have transformed into the Hulk). Top tier athlete, Ivy League grad, freaky impressive resumé, tall and in perfect, and I mean perfect shape. And she lives in the Pacific Northwest now, the place I most want to live in all the world. And she brings us delicious jam for Christmas.

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