365 Photo Challenge | Day 39 | More Than One

Day 39 - More Than One

Day 39 of the 365 photo challenge is “More Than One.” I have been completely crushing out on Meredith’s journal embroidery over on One Sheepish Girl. So much, in fact, that I think I’m going to do a really geeky page of my own. LOTR style. I can’t wait. And I want to go buy ALL THE EMBROIDERY FLOSS. Like, right now.

Nesting DIY | Friday Obsessions

Now that we’ve moved into our new place, I am uber jazzed to start decorating, project-ing, and making this place a home.

Nesting, if you will. Yes, I realize that terms is usually applied to baby preparation, but we’re still at least a year and a half away from that.

Nesting DIY Inspiration

But there’s a challenge in the nesting here at our new place. Any projects have to be of a fairly temporary/portable nature, because we’re only going to be here for a year. That means no painting of walls, and working in a very limited space. I’ve been splashing about on Pinterest again (surprise, surprise) and finding some really fun home DIY projects to riff off of in the upcoming months.

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Beautiful Branch Necklace Organizer DIY

I have never been able to find a good way to store my necklaces.

I have a hanging slot in my armoire, but most of the necklaces I have are either too long or have too big of pendants to store without getting all tangled up. But then a big old branch broke off the tree in the back yard, and I had an idea.

DIY Branch Necklace Organizer

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4 Ways to Slash Your Wedding Costs

The first rule of wedding budgeting is simple. If you want to cut costs, cut the guest list. If you cannot bear to miss any of your distant family and friends on your big day not to worry, I have 4 ways to dramatically slash your wedding costs.

4 Ways to Slash Your Wedding Costs

Cheap and awesome can go together quite nicely.

Please do not beat down my door with torches and pitchforks for #3.

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