A Pre-Baby Cleanse

Every January, so many of us decide to go on a self-improvement kick.

This year I’m no different. Between my photo challenge, journaling every night, and now this detox cleanse from Whole Living Magazine, I’m kicking my ass pretty hard. But this year I have a good reason.

Day 2 New Beginnings

You see, Papa Bear and I are working on that whole baby-making thing. Yep, we’ve totally decided on this. It’s such a strange feeling, after spending your whole adult life trying not to get pregnant, now deciding that yes, we’re totally going to cultivate a zygote.

It hardly feels real, but we’re so excited. We’ve been attempting this for two months now, and seeing as I’m popping Midol right now, I think now is the time for me to reset my body with a food cleanse and get ready to do this baby thing from the best starting point I can. And Papa Bear’s doing it too (the cleanse and the photo challenge)! He’s super jazzed about it.

Take a look at the menu, and eat some good things with us!

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