Daily Inspiration | From Ground Level

Sometimes it all get to be too much. So much that you just have to toss yourself on the ground, despite there being bugs and worms and dirt down there.

Trees from Ground Level

Daily Inspiration | From Ground Level

And then you have to run inside to get a camera, because hey look! More treetops! I will move on from this phase, I promise. It’s spring, people, there are lots of things happening up there and it’s exciting.

You can probably expect the same thing in the fall.

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Daily Inspiration | Call Me Edward

This is the little Japanese Maple in our front yard. Today I figured out that his name was Edward, because his leaves are blood-red and he sparkles in the sun.

For the record, I am not a Twilight fan. The name was entirely too perfect though.

Japanese Maple

Oh Eddie. Such a cute little tree.

It has been sunny and super windy today, and I am watching from the window. I am home sick because something broke through Papa Bear’s supercharged immune system. I have psoriasis, which sort of messes with my defenses, so I knew the bug was coming for me.

And here we are. I am drinking a hot cup of cranberry green tea and watching baby Edward get stronger with each stiff breeze. His trunk is still so little.

I have been thinking years to the future about what this little Bloodgood we picked up for $25 at Home Depot is going to grow into. I will continue to do my best not to kill him.

Daily Inspiration | Gale Trees

Gale force winds hit Chicago yesterday. I spent a portion of the day standing inside the back door of the barbershop listening to the wind literally howling through the thick bank of tall trees that line the parking lot. Most of the day the sky rolled and bubbled dark grey, whipping the occasional mist of icy rain back up and into itself.

The day wore on and the skies cleared, but the winds never did let up. About 7:00 I walked across the parking lot to Wendy’s for a quick little JBC. I quietly ate, hunched and nibbling like a squirrel (as I do) and reading Copyblogger and Savage Love on my phone. As I pushed up my sleeve to avoid drippage I noticed the most dazzling light dripping in the windows and spraying all of Wendy’s with a beautiful golden glow.

Gale Trees

That's some Daily Inspiration light right there.

On the walk back across the parking lot I tried to snap a few pictures of my all time favorite light. It happens just before sunset, usually when a storm is on the way in our out. The sky all around is dark and foreboding, and the last low bright gilded rays of the sun cast long deep shadows at staggering angles. It looks like the battle between good and evil up there.

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Daily Inspiration | April Flowers

Our poor garden is so confused. Everything started flowering super early due to our weirdly warm March. Now, in April, things have cooled off again to NORMAL spring weather, and I’m worried about everything we have out there. These Jacob’s Ladder, which started off as one smallish plant in the front yard, dying in the too-strong sun. I split it up and spread it thinly over a larger area in the shady backyard. It seems quite happy with its new placement.

Jacob's Ladder

Holding strong through these nightly frosts via Instagram

Today I’m feeling inspired by these resilient little guys, and perked up by their tiny blue flowers outside the kitchen window. I’m also inspired to go get my hands back in the dirt. But it’s cold out.

How is this bipolar spring weather affecting your garden?

Daily Inspiration | Instagram Love

Story 1: Yesterday Twitter exploded. Facebook bought Instagram for a mind-boggling $1 billion.

Story 2: My work twinsie Stephanie posted an Instagram photo from her Droid.

Story 3: I have a Droid. I am ECSTATIC.

First treetops, now shrubtops

First treetops, now shrubtops

The Daily Inspiration segment will change, in that I do not ALWAYS have to drag around my still small but a darned sight bigger than my phone camera, and will be using Instagram near constantly. Get ready, Twitter fans. They have been getting quite a dose of my bored day around the barber school.

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