Lemongrass, Ginger & Meyer Lemon Cupcakes

Let me tell you right now, I don’t know if I can ever top this cupcake recipe. The cake is moist, delicious, and perfumed with luscious vanilla bean, biting with snappy ginger, and syrupy with aromatic lemongrass.

The frosting, and I do not make this claim lightly, is the best buttercream you will ever taste. It’s silky smooth, not too sweet, it will totally melt when it is too warm in the summer and harden a little when it’s cold, because…well, it’s mostly made of butter. Oh, and there’s more vanilla bean, as well as some Meyer lemon in there for good measure. Oh yeah.

Lemongrass, Ginger & Meyer Lemon Cupcakes

Lemongrass, Ginger & Meyer Lemon Cupcakes. This is cupcake perfection.

This is not health food.

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