Cranberry Orange Horseradish Relish

My mom has been making this horseradish cranberry relish every time we make turkey for years upon years. It is spicy, sweet, earthy, and a little crunchy, because it is all raw.

This relish is fantastic on turkey or ham on Thanksgiving or Christmas, and even better on sandwiches made from the leftovers.

Cranberry Orange Horseradish Relish

I used fresh horseradish here instead of the jarred variety – if you can get your hands on a root, don’t take the shortcut on this one. It is good either way, but there is still no comparison. Some orange zest brightens the tart cranberries, and the white pepper adds complexity to the spice of the horseradish.

Although this can be eaten after a few hours in a pinch, give the flavors as much time to meld as you can. It just keeps getting better.

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