Technical Kaplooey | Please Stand By

Ghengis has lost his damn mind.

Ghengis is the name of my Alienware MX17 laptop computer o’love. Because he is a beast. And he is dying, I think. I backed everything up to my external hard drive yesterday and attempted to wipe him back to factory settings, but to no avail.

Alienware MX17

I took him to the shop today, so hopefully they can work their magic and get him fixed. Either way, I think I’m going to have to try to start socking away some cash for a new computer. Perhaps I will name it Gandalf.

Right now I’m working on an itty bitty little Acer my mom loaned me, which cramps my hands just to type.

What I’m saying is, until Ghengis is back up and running, I will be taking a brief blog hiatus.

Wish me (and Ghengis) luck,