Daily Inspiration | From Ground Level

Sometimes it all get to be too much. So much that you just have to toss yourself on the ground, despite there being bugs and worms and dirt down there.

Trees from Ground Level

Daily Inspiration | From Ground Level

And then you have to run inside to get a camera, because hey look! More treetops! I will move on from this phase, I promise. It’s spring, people, there are lots of things happening up there and it’s exciting.

You can probably expect the same thing in the fall.

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Daily Inspiration | Sycamore Reaching

Old Man Sycamore

Old Man Sycamore

Daily Inspiration | Birds in Blue

Birds at dusk, I-57N, 5 pm

Birds at dusk, I-57N, 5 pm via Alyse Liebovich on Instagram


Daily Inspiration | Late Winter Snowfall

Snowy Salt Creek

Late-winter snowfall, just next to 7-11 on my way to get coffee. I don’t get out much.

Daily Inspiration | Lily Hue

Full saturation lilies via Jamie Link Photography