Blue all over | Daily Instagram

Blue all over

Got a little dolled up for work New Year’s Eve (I even wore a dress!) but as usual, the hair does the talking.

Sidewalk Tracks | Daily Instagram

Sidewalk Tracks

Just love this square of concrete on my walk to work, in which not one, but two animals made some tracks while it was still wet, long ago.

Explorin’ Shoes | Daily Instagram

Explorin' Shoes

My shoes after my little exploring session. Muddy and soaked. Nice.

Old Tall Tree Stump | Daily Inspiration

Old Tall Tree Stump

Every day leaving the parking lot I drive past these neat decaying remains of a tree. Today I finally stopped and took a picture of it.

Sycamore Love | Daily Instagram

Sycamore Love

There is this giant sycamore out front that I just love to look at in each season. Love this tree.