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Rainbow Blorp & Mini Blorp

Rainbow Blorp & Mini Blorp

The Rainbow Blorp is an explosion of happy. From his manically buggy eyes to his overstretched smile to his head curly-cue to his wee little T-rex arms just poised to hug you to the fact that he’s a freaking rainbow, everything little thing about the Rainbow Blorp tells you that he is JAZZED to see you, and wants you to have your best day ever.

Let your Rainbow Blorp be your mascot in life, or bop him off your child’s head. He’s soft and cuddly enough that he does not have to power to injure a soul.

Each Blorp has been lovingly petted and cooed over by the Baby Bear, pictured. These toys, however, seem to especially appeal to adult men. I cannot tell you how many of them have purchased these toys from me, for themselves.

Blorp Backstory: When I was a child, I WAS Rainbow Brite. Ever since, I have had more than a little obsession with the entire color spectrum. I wanted a fat, blorpy ridiculous rainbow mascot to sit at my barber chair at work, and the Rainbow Blorp was born. He makes me smile every time I look at him.

Mini Blorps are also available in the store. Each Blorp’s color pattern will be slightly different. I can ship to places other than the US and Canada – message me for shipping rates.

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