Blue all over | Daily Instagram

Blue all over

Got a little dolled up for work New Year’s Eve (I even wore a dress!) but as usual, the hair does the talking.

I feel like a superhero today | Daily Instagram

I feel like a superhero today

Do you ever have one of those days where you haphazardly get dressed, only to look in the mirror and realize “Egads! I’m gonna conquer the freaking world today.” ‘Cause that’s what happened here.

Walden’s Wood Mitts Knitting Pattern

The leaves are falling, the air is chilly and crisp…and that means it’s knitting season again, which further means I am neck deep in the woolly goodness.

It’s also the perfect time of year for mitts. Or armwarmers, or wristwarmers, or fingerless gloves, or whatever you want to call them. It’s not quite cold enough to need full gloves, but it’s definitely brisk, and you want to block the cold from creeping up your sleeves.

Walden's Wood Mitts

My Walden’s Wood Mitts, in a dusky blue color are the perfect thing to wear while creeping around in the woods being contemplative and taking pictures and stuff. And trying not to fall off the brittle tree roots jutting out over the stream that one is precariously perched on while a 4-year-old pokes you in the back with a stick.

Or reading, or holding a steamy mug of hot chocolate, or waiting for that damned bus, or freezing your ass off at work. Multipurpose, these mitts are. Enjoy, and if you make them, send us a photo!

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Blue Hair! | Daily Instagram

Blue Hair!

And look, now I’m blue! And I feel like a magical woodland pixie creature. Such happy times.