Beard Love | Friday Obsessions

It should come as a surprise to no one that reads this blog regularly I have a serious thing for beards.

I am a barber who loves to groom them, and I am married to a large beardy thing. So for today’s Friday Obsessions, I bring you…BEARDS. 9 of them, in fact, on some very foxy men. Oh, and one hell of a beard infographic.

The Beardly

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3 Quick Tips | So You’re In Love with a Beard

I’m a barber with a specialty in beards.

Giving a guy a beard he loves is  easy. I think they see the creatures on their face as grown by pure testosterone or something. But getting their female significant others to love their beards is another thing altogether.

Rainbow and Strawberry Fields Engagement Session by RobertaRae

This lady barber has a few tricks up her sleeve to help.

If you love a man, but do not particularly love the hairy, scratchy creature on his face, I have a few little tricks to make living with said creature more bearable. Share these three quick tips with your dude, and watch the creature transform from Sasquatch to a soft and fuzzy teddy bear before your eyes.

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