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Bread is life. As in, those yeasty little creatures burping and farting all over the place when eating doughy sugars are totally alive, and making that delicious creation we call bread. We had a pretty lazy Sunday this week, enjoying family time, baking bread, Baby Bear bothering Monty, daddy daughter geeking out over Zelda, and going for a frosty walk in a little cemetery that I love to visit, after which I made a giant friend. It was a beautiful day.

A Day Without Words - Life & Death

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Cheddar, Beer & Mustard Pull-Apart Bread from smitten kitchen

I like cheese, beer, mustard and bread. Deb from Smitten Kitchen made a pull-apart bread that involves all of them, and holy hell is it good. Check it.

Cheesy savory yeasty goodness

…what I’ve really been dreaming about lately is Welsh rarebit, which I understand to be pub food in places I haven’t been lucky enough to travel to yet. It’s a thick, punchy, rich sauce made with cheddar and mustard and beer and butter and cream and spices and it is often ladled over a piece of toast, such as rye or another brown bread. And I want it.

-Deb {smitten kitchen}

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Seriously Pinterest?

Freaking seriously, Pinterest? Everyone is pinning nothing but deserts and deliciousness. It’s that time in the night after which I try not to locust snacks.

Oreo Pie

Oreo & Peanut Butter Layered Baby Lattice Pies via Picky Palate

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