365 Photo Challenge | Day 46 | Pride

Day 46 - Pride

Day 46 of the 365 photo challenge is “Pride.” At 4 1/2 years old, Baby Bear has lost her first two teeth. She is so proud of herself.

365 Photo Challenge | Day 45 | Love

Day 45 - Love

Day 45 of the 365 photo challenge is “Love.” That is all.

365 Photo Challenge | Day 42 | Entertain

Day 42 - Entertain

Day 42 of the 365 photo challenge is “Entertain.” Baby Bear and I took a little time to hang out in the fort dad built while over for a joint dad/seester birthday dinner. Then she tried to eat my face.

365 Photo Challenge | Day 36 | Nap

Day 36 - Nap

Day 36 of the 365 photo challenge is “Nap.” While there is no actual nap happening here, there is pretend sleepy snuggles. And for the record, that part happened later for real just before nap time, where she ordered both seester and her hubs to “Get in the bed and snuggle!” Super stern voice.

Spice Rack Storage | Daily Instagram

Spice Rack Shelves

Baby Bear’s room has so much stuff in it, and we need ever more places to store her toys. And for some reason we had an extra spice rack. Problem partially solved!