3 Quick Tips | So You’re In Love with a Beard

I’m a barber with a specialty in beards.

Giving a guy a beard he loves is  easy. I think they see the creatures on their face as grown by pure testosterone or something. But getting their female significant others to love their beards is another thing altogether.

Rainbow and Strawberry Fields Engagement Session by RobertaRae

This lady barber has a few tricks up her sleeve to help.

If you love a man, but do not particularly love the hairy, scratchy creature on his face, I have a few little tricks to make living with said creature more bearable. Share these three quick tips with your dude, and watch the creature transform from Sasquatch to a soft and fuzzy teddy bear before your eyes.

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3 Brilliant Tips for Freezing Food

Freezers are a miracle of convenience. You can buy products like meat and fruit when they are fresh and on sale, and save them for days when things are not as cheap or readily available.

But when you buy a large amount of food for freezing, chances are you will not want or need to use it all at once. Defrosting a large package of ground beef just so you can split off the pound you need and refreezing the rest degrades the quality.

So what are we to do?

Simple. Freeze smaller portion sizes.

Today I will show you three brilliant ideas for freezing smaller sized-portions that will make both storing and using your frozen food a breeze.

Freezing Eggs

Freezing Portioned Eggs

Breakfast sandwiches from a Macheesmo via Pinterest

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3 Steps to Combat Multitask Overload

If you are anything like me, at any given moment, you have approximately eleventy million tasks, ideas and to-dos running around in your head.

Multitasking Octopus

OctoNoctua Multitasking via My Little Bit of Life

This is a problem.

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