Descent Into Discbound Madness | Friday Obsessions

Are you obsessed with planning, listing and mapping out your days, weeks, months, and life?

I am. Pretty hard. Over the years, the notebooks and pieces of scrap paper have nearly taken over my life. For real, this is what my Google Calendar looks like.

Google Calendar

I have a problem, I know. You’ll notice my one-hour block of “Me Time” between 5 and 6 o’clock on Mondays. This is what happens when you’re a freelance workaholic with a day job.

But alas, this online thing just isn’t working for me. Although it’s relatively easy to move things around in Google Calendar, I am often in a place (like at work) where I can’t be online or on my phone. Also, something about the nature of writing something with a pencil plants things more firmly in my memory.

So I went looking for a day planner option that I would actually use – one that I could customize to my OCD heart’s content. And I found it on one of my favorite blogs o’obsession, I Heart Organizing.

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