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Tuesday was a wonderful day. School was cancelled for the hubby bear, and my boss called me when I was about to walk out the door to tell me that I didn’t need to brave the snow for my 30-mile commute down to the city. Huzzah!

Style Search | Snow Day

Funny, because this is one of the only days I was all dressed up pretty for work. That is because, as I promised Kaylah (otherwise known as The Dainty Squid) in my Blog Crushes & Resolutions post on Monday, I totally managed to get out for a photo shoot this morning! And I even had Papa Bear to help! Best of all, we managed to capture the pure essence of both the Clear Winter and Cool Winter seasons in these photos.

It was a stunningly beautiful, if cold morning, and I headed into the woods to be a winter fairy.

Tuesday morning a blizzard began, and off Papa Bear and I shuttled to the site of our engagement session from last summer, just a few minutes from our apartment. The blackberry bushes of summer are now a thicket of icy brambles, the tall grass blanketed by a foot of fluffy white snow.

Style Search | Snow Day

I have been wanting to show off my beautiful Ice Hotel cape for the longest time, but I knew I needed a good solid snow to do it justice. I picked this cape up years ago when I was living in Montreal and I took a trip up to the Hôtel de Glace in Sainte-Catherine-De-La-Jacques-Cartier (I know, that’s a hell of a town name, right?).

I don’t get much of a chance to wear this lovely cape, because I have a tendency to ruin nice things, and this is perhaps the nicest thing I own. It is completely handmade, embroidered with gorgeous blue tendrils of vines and flowers, soft and velvety with a furry (fake, no worries) collar.

Style Search | Snow Day

I was also excited for this shoot because I knew that with my current hair color, it would be a perfect example of both the Clear Winter and Cool Winter seasons. Did you know that certain looks can be worn by multiple seasons? This look is pure blue-based cool, but with a good amount of contrast and saturation. Were my hair a deeper blue, it would push my coloring into Clear Winter, and if it were more pale, we would move toward Cool Winter. Neat, right?

Speaking of seasonal color, have you checked out my new Rainbow Your World Personal Color Analysis Service yet? No? Well that’s just silly, go give it a look!

Style Search | Snow DayStyle Search | Snow Day

Seriously, I’m surprised I got out into this kind of cold for this shoot, with no hat even. I am awful at dealing with cold, but with Papa Bear taking pictures, I kept bounding through the snow to see how they were turning out. It helped warm me up a bit, but it didn’t help my ears much. They got quite pink.

Style Search | Snow DayStyle Search | Snow DayStyle Search | Snow Day

The hubs is such a great helper. He even hung onto my hat for me. My sweetheart. Derp.

Style Search | Snow DayStyle Search | Snow Day

I wasn’t about to get out of my cape for a while outfit shot in that blizzard, so we took a photo of it when we got home. It’s almost too bad I didn’t have to go in to work today, because I think I got pretty cuted up for the day. It would have been tips ahoy at work today, a barber in a dress and all…you know, had there been any customers, which I’m sure there wouldn’t have been.

So look at that, I stuck to my word and actually did this thing! Feeling a bit proud of myself right now.

Have you had a moment when you pulled through for yourself lately? Tell us all about it in the comments below!


  1. Oh my gosh, that third picture of you is gorgeous!!

    So proud of you!!! <3

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Aww, thank you Kaylah! Means even more coming from you.

  2. Tyler aka Papa Bear says:

    I had a mess of fun doing this shoot despite the cold. I love romping around for photos, especially with you.


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