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Last Saturday was my last day at the barbershop front desk. I dressed up for the occasion. Had to make use of my new ModCloth boots after all.

This photo shoot involves near-freezing temperatures, copious mud, nearby screaming teenage girls, multiple illnesses, and, if I dressed myself correctly, my first solid foray into the Clear Spring Palette with my new natural light brown hair.

Hard Vintage

Hard Vintage Color Swatch

Hard Vintage Color Palette

This is the creek that runs all over the neighborhood by my house, and through the whole state, in fact. Also located right there are a school and a cemetery. These three elements combine into an irresistible cocktail for for troublemaking teenagers. Back when I was one, some trouble was most definitely made here.

Hard VintageHard VintageHard VintageHard VintageHard Vintage

It rained all night the night before this shoot. I had a bad cold and a sinus infection, and even stayed home from school a couple of days that week. But on Saturday, because it was my last day at the front desk, I decided to get my shit together and put something decent on, do my hair, put on actual makeup. That sort of thing.

Then I figured, as long as I put in all of that effort, we might as well run outside in the cold and do a quick photo shoot.

This might have been a cute outfit all on its own, but the scarf really makes it, don’t you think? And it was not my first choice. Papa Bear picked this one.

Then I noticed that hey, it has yellow and white polka dots, while the sheer top here has tan polka dots. I was worried that the tan would seem out of place until I put on my new ModCloth boots and saw the tan echoed in the heel.

Mix that up with my black Levis, some bright yellow bangles and an antique-ish gold dangly earring in one ear with my signature little shroom stud in the other. Oh, and of course my engagement ring now that I found it again. Whew.

Hard Vintage

When was the last time you tried something a little unexpected?

What I wore:

Also, we saw a blue heron!

Blue Heron

He flew away eventually, but we had a moment.


  1. Andrea says:

    Damn girl! You are all kinds of sexy! (even when you’re sick!) Why is it that the photo shoots resulting in the most fabulous images usually involve some sort of unpleasantry? Way to grin and bear it! You look amazing!

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Oh my gosh, you are so sweet. Thanks! But you’re right, on America’s Next Top Model and the like, the more horrifying and miserable the shoot, the better the pictures. Guess I’ll have to subject myself to more unpleasantness soon!