Selfish Knitting New Year 2013 is Coming…

With every cool evening where a chill creeps into the air and makes you reach for a snuggly sweater, we knitters get the itch to dig our fingers into the wooly stuff.

But remember Selfish Knitting New Year, and our vow to actually knit things for ourselves on occasion? I know it’s only September, we’re all already in the middle of Christmas present knitting, and these last few months of the year go quickly. So while you knit your gifts, make sure you’re also gathering patterns you want to wear, stash that yarn, and prepare.

Selfish Knitting New Year 2013 is coming…

Nina Chicago

Nina Chicago, my favorite yarn shop in the world

Join up, knit yourself some pretties, and get a free copy of my upcoming sweater pattern!

Here’s the plan, my little alpacas. You, who knit things for others constantly, has next to no handmade knitwear to wear yourself. And that’s not cool. You make beautiful, warm and snuggly things, and yet you don’t have a single pair of hand knit socks to toast your feet while you make your mother another scarf that she will invariably lose.

It’s okay, that time is done now. You can and should be able to enjoy some of your own handiwork any time you want. So that’s what we’re going to do. January, February and March of 2013 are your time. Here’s the plan.

  1. Sign up below.
  2. Round up as many patterns as you think you can complete in the first three months of 2013.
  3. Leave a comment below with a link to your planned projects.
  4. Buy yarn and any other supplies for said projects.
  5. Stash until January.
  6. From January until the end of March, as you complete each project, email a photo of it to be compiled into a glorious montage of self-knitting love.

In January, I will be putting together a post with all of the planned reader projects, and off we go! At the end of March, we share projects, and everyone who participates will receive a free copy of my upcoming Norwegian Fisherman’s Sweater pattern. Best of all, you will have some beautiful hand knit goodies that YOU actually get to wear.

And there’s no better reward than that. So sign up, and let’s get knitting!

Nina Chicago Window

The amazeballs front window at Nina Chicago