Selfish Knitting Update

News from the front.

Selfish Knitting is not going well.

I think I’m losing the battle on this one, soldiers.

Monty Destroying Everything

It’s not that I haven’t been knitting. I have been, really. And even learning to crochet!

Here’s the problem. I have a 99% finished hat that does not fit correctly, a pair of gloves frogged so many times, I’m not sure the wool can be salvaged, and an un-started pair of socks. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Perhaps I am being too ambitious? Were I knitting from patterns, I would items long since knocked out for all of the yarn I bought for this expedition. But I’m not knitting from patterns. As someone who designs knit things, I seem to feel the need to make everything coming off my needles completely original. And that’s probably why I have only published a handful of patterns so far.

Maybe I’m too busy? Yes, that’s true, but no excuse. I have been publishing five times a week plus another seven for the 365 Photo Challenge for some time now, but I am getting faster and more efficient with this thing we call blogging as well. I could carve out some time. I have carved out whole days. And then what I’m knitting isn’t turning out right, and froggity frog frog frog I’m back to my first excuse and I’ve wasted a whole day.

It could be the pain creeping into my hands and wrist from overworking them at my day job, then typing and mousing and knitting when I get home. I should really see a doctor about that.

But no, it’s really all about the first one there. I need to calm down here and just knit a damn THING of some sort, successfully, and attempt to get my groove back. Perhaps it will be some LOTR socks. (Update: yes it will be, I just bought this pattern).

Please guys, let me hear that someone is having more Selfish Knitting success than I am. Submit your finished objects and projects and you might see them show up in the gallery on the Selfish Knitting New Year Reader Projects page to inspire all of us to get knitting, me included!

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