Self-Portrait Awakening

 have spent too much of my life not liking how I look in pictures. It’s not because I don’t like a certain part or parts of myself – I do like what I see in the mirror – but because I don’t know what to do with my face.
In pictures, I have a tendency to look like I just snorted a speedball. I also have a propensity for redeye, so all in all, it’s a bad look.
Recently I saw a self-portrait challenge somewhere online. Now, for the life of me I can’t find the original post, but I thought, hey, self-portraits, there’s an idea!So I took a couple dozen.
Self-portraiture seems creepy if you’re not used to it. It always seemed, when I turned the camera on myself,that it was this vain act, like those girls who constantly take “lookhow pretty I am” pictures of themselves for their Facebook profiles. What I didn’t realize until I looked at them was that it is about journaling your life in a way.
When you take self-portraits, try to think (what would a picture like that of your grandparents have meant to you? These are not photos about beauty, or glamor, it’s about who you are.
The more immediate benefit of self-portraiture is finding out what works and what doesn’t with your face. Even small differences in how you position your face and features makes a major difference in a picture. I’m talking this…
versus this…
And I’m almost two years older in the first photo than the second.
I don’t want to spend another day hating half the photos I’m in.
Take the About photo, for instance.

Self-portrait success!

It happened quite randomly, the day I read the self-portrait challenge piece. I was preparing a post for the Picking It Apart series (coming soon!), and it happens to be one of my favorite photos of myself I have taken. Whaddaya know?


  1. tjCamera Accessories says:

    These are ALL great pics!

  2. OctoNoctua says:

    Thanks Bonnie! Can't wait to get a new camera so I can make them even better!