Seed Catalogs & Grow Lights Oh My!

It’s the most da da da wo-der-ful time da da da of the yeeeeear… That’s right, seed catalog time. Oh, those sweet glossy pages of seeds large and small, annuals, perennials, herbs, fruits and vegetables, heirloom weirdness and wonder. It is a treat of hope and joy, a sign that spring is right around the corner.

Seed porn.

Not that we had much of a winter this year. I think we have had half a dozen snowfalls. Really Chicago? Is that all you’ve got? Of course we will undoubtedly have a freak cold snap in June or something that will kill everything that we have planted, but that comes with the Zone 5 territory.

Here’s what’s happening now:

  • Clearing out the basement to set up tables and grow lights borrowed from grandma.
  • We have peat pots and lots of vegetable and perennial seeds from last year that will be started this week.
  • Annual seeds are being ordered this week (so many choices, how to narrow things down?)

We got a lot of the foundation laid for the Retirement Garden Project last summer and fall, but starting in the spring, the seeds get planted, literally and metaphorically.

I have been compiling information and inspiration for about the last year on my Pinterest gardening boards (find them at the bottom of this post). Along with general pretties and ideas, there are plenty of in-depth pins like this. I have a packet of these Wallflowers already. They get their start this week.

Wallflower, Sunset Mix A wide range of colors appear in early spring, filling the air with their delightful Wallflower fragrance. Plants will over-summer, then as cool weather arrives in fall, produce an abundance of flowers through winter and into following spring, very pansy/viola like. Incredible fragrance. Product Details lifecycle: Perennial Zone: 5-9 Sun: Full Sun Height: 10-12 inches Spread: 6-8 inches Uses: Beds, Borders, Container Sowing Method: Indoor Sow

I’m so excited to get everything growing, and in a couple of months, see what survived the winter after transplanting during the hot, dry summer.

Nothing is ordered yet, so I would love to hear your favorite seed catalogs and companies! Share with the class in the comments section down below. To get the ball rolling, here are my standbys:

Click on David Leroy and his giant melon for the Baker Creek online flip-catalog.

Are you as incredibly jazzed as I am? Wheee, seeds!

Pinterest Boards

  • One day I will have my big amazing garden and I will be a human plant encyclopedia with all of the garden tools I could dream of. For now…prepa-ray-shons.
  • Eat the Garden
  • Redoing the parents’ whole house. This be the front yard, painted in fiery, warm, bright and happy hues.
  • Back Yard Project
  • We’re re-landscaping my parents’ entire yard. This be the back yard, shaded in light, soft, cool, calming and sweet hues.

Need a Pinterest invite? Just ask!

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  1. I wish I had a green thumb. I only have a lemon verbena that I’ve managed to keep alive for three years now.

    • OctoNoctua says:

      Audry, I totally don’t have a green thumb! What I do have is the internet, Excel spreadsheets and a need to research the hell out of everything. As it turns out, that’s nearly as good. But I won’t get ahead of myself, it remains to be seen if anything we planted last year survived the winter. And I still cannot figure out a real way to get rid of those giant weeds.