Salvage DVD Shelf Storage DIY

When you’re short on space and in a temporary living situation, finding storage solutions, and cute ones no less, is a huge pain in the ass.

Sometimes, though, you get lucky and it shows up right on your doorstep.

Salvage DVD Shelf DIY

Our next door neighbor is an interior designer who sometimes gets big heavy things shipped to her in big heavy crates like this one. So she took the package and let us have the crate. And now, the mass of DVDs we couldn’t find anywhere to put goes right on the wall!

Salvage DVD ShelfSalvage DVD Shelf

The wood is old and rough and busted up and absolutely perfect. Our new DVD storage solution is just gorgeous, and totally coming with us even when we move to a more permanent living situation. Thanks Alicia!


  1. Great find! Love the weathered look!

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Thanks Adrienn! I’m totally keeping an eye out for a couple more! ADORE these crates.