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While my summer wedding will be attended by a total of 11 people, for my leetle seester and her fiancee Streets, this cannot be the case. They have been together too long, have too many mutual friends and have too big of families (not to mention this is both of their first weddings, unlike me). It was a struggle for them to bring it down to under 200 guests.

The vision is of a rustic, vintage wedding on the prairie. The barn will be full of rich old wood, creamy ivory, copper touches to match the bride’s (natural!) hair with touches of saturated rainbow. Funk, bluegrass, and hippie jam fest music from bands with names like Cornmeal will be played. Molly’s cupcakes will be served, and eco-friendly products will be used. This may be the happiest wedding ever.

Leetle Seester and Streets just celebrated their 7-year anniversary. Of dating. They will be married on July 20th of this year. About time! They fell in love in college over hippie jam band festivals and summer backbreaking wetlands restoration work. Seester dresses in things like rainbow mumus and no moccasins, and Streets in flannel and sporting T-shirts. In recent years, they have both been making a conscious effort to drag themselves into for real adulthood and even occasionally dress the part.

There will be much more coming in the next couple of months about the rainbow wedding, and in late summer you will bits and pieces* of the rainbow wedding featured exclusively here on Leave Me to My Projects. Not to mention my whole Modern Micro Moon-Drenched Wedding!

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*I say bits and pieces because the rainbow wedding will be kind of interesting to feature with no one in it but the bride. Apparently Streets is not down with face time on the blog, nor with family or friends being featured on here. Such a buzzkill. It’s too bad, he is such a handsome dude.

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How many weddings do you have coming up this summer? Is one of them yours?