Rainbow Prairie Barn Wedding Instagram Sneak Peek

My leetle seester got married Friday to one of the most wonderful men I know.

The weather was perfect after days of torrential rain, so everything was fresh and green. She was absolutely gorgeous, he looked ever so dapper, everything worked out, despite many near-misses (a certain redhead forgot to tell anyone where the rings were, and they nearly got lost), and the wedding went off without a hitch.

Beautiful Bride Sister

It will be a little while before seester gets the pictures back and I can share all of the purdy rainbow-y details with you, but I did manage to snap plenty of Instagrams throughout the day. Check out a little sneak peek of the magic!

Beautiful Venue

The wedding party staging area leading down to the ceremony area

Barn Silo

Such a cool silo off the side of the barn

Barn Silo

Yep, the bar is inside there

Barn Silo Bar

View up inside the silo bar

Beautiful Venue

The venue is a barn and charter school. This is the adorable wee library

Meg Getting Ready

My crafting blogger buddy Meg of Radical Possibility getting ready for the big day

Sunlight Shoes!

Meg and I in our dresses with our sunlight shoes. So sparkly, and only $14!

Jen & the Bouquet

Ms. Red holding the bouquet, flowers gathered in haste from a local florist, and tossed together in the hotel room by me. Turned out good, right!

Tiny Bride

Seester is really easy to pick up. Not as easy to pick up, the groom by the bridesmaids. We totally did it though.

Wedding Preparedness Kit

Day of planner’s wedding preparedness kit. Tampons included. Good call, lady.

Baby Bear Bubble Girl

Our little Baby Bear bubble girl, having a great time.

Baby Bear Bubble Girl

Baby Bear blowing more bubbles from the loft

Baby Bear Bubble Girl

Bubbles and sparkly lights

Fun Uncle

My grandma’s little brother. Biggest character in the family.

Exhausted Bubble Girl

Bubble girl around midnight with a Swedish Fish in her hand. Someone was completely beat.

This was perhaps the best wedding I’ve ever been to. So much fun was had by all. I can’t wait to share the rest with you!


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