Rainbow Prairie Wedding Invitations with Storybook Creator

What do you do when your wedding is already creeping over budget, and you haven’t even sent out the invitations yet?

If you have StoryBook Creator from Creative Memories, you’re all set.

Rainbow Prairie Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Front Side

We have talked all about my little sister’s upcoming rainbow wedding, and hoo boy is is getting close. It is now less than two months away! We both realized last week that it was high time to get those invites in the mail.

Ours arrived yesterday (they sprung for rush shipping from VistaPrint), and they look beautiful! Today she gave me the thumbs up to share them with you. I have changed a few pertinent details, but now I give you…the Rustic Vintage Rainbow Prairie wedding invitations.

For the front of the invitations, we went with a clean and simple palette with the earth below and the sky above, shadowed by flowers, grasses and butterflies.

Rainbow Prairie Wedding Invitations Back

Wedding Invitation Reverse Side

On the back it is all about the rainbow. Looks a little familiar, right?

You see, the background of the Leave Me to My Projects logo was originally created for seester’s wedding, but I loved it so much that it slowly but surely crept onto the blog and became the rainbow-splosion theme that you see today.

On the back of the invitations, we included hotel information, maps, a timeline of the wedding – everything guests might need.

Rainbow Prairie Reply Cards

Reply Cards

For the reply cards, we again went with the simple colors. Unfortunately, we (I) totally forgot to put an RSVP by: date on there, but seester solved that with a little slip of paper and a pretty paperclip attached to the card.

If you have not been introduced to the magic that is StoryBook Creator, it is simply the best digital scrapbooking software out there, and you can get it for PC or Mac.

As you can see, it can be used for anything from making photo albums to invitations, cards, graphics and more. With the huge range of art kits available it can get a little pricey, but still far less so than traditional scrapbooking.

Best of all, this only took me a couple of hours to put together, and only because I kept getting distracted and meandering over to Pinterest.

Did you DIY your wedding invitations?


  1. Kristen "enjoying your rainbow theme" Thomas says:

    My invites were DIY. I’ll send you a pic!!! Love your blog. Sad to say this is the first time I’ve read it, because I’m usually on my phone and that takes forever with spacing and crap. Love the sissy’s stuff…SO fun. Wording included!

    • Natalie Webb says:

      KRISTEN!!! Miss you, lady! And thanks! I knew the rainbows would draw you over here. I’m dying to see your invites, totally send that over! And you know what, you just gave me the kick in the ass I needed to get the blog a little more mobile-friendly. It’s better than it was on blogger, but still not great. What kinds of fun projects are you working on up in Montana right now?

  2. Great website, very aesthetic and appealing. I like the fonts you used. Personalized cards are always an amazing gift for any occasion.

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Thanks Brenda! The fonts were actually pretty standard, I generally use Bradley Hand and Segoe Script, both of which are available even in Microsoft Office.

  3. Rachel Autumn says:

    Love your work! Thank you for taking the time to post. I plan on getting remarried to my love. We were married for 8 years but have been divorced almost 4 now. We have 5 daughters together. We plan on having a bright and colorful wedding. Would like to include our daughters (12,12,10,6 and,5). Not too sure if it is possible on an invitation though. Would you happen to have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Congratulations Rachel! You know how many times wedding invitations list the two sets of parents inviting people to the wedding of their children, the bride and groom? Maybe instead it could be the kids inviting people to the wedding of their parents! That would be downright adorable and sweet as can be.