Thanks Allie

So I totally didn’t follow through all the way through the “live blogging quitting smoking” experiment, but I honestly found myself unable to put together a coherent sentence. Therefore, trying to type multiple sentences on my phone was just too much for me to handle. I knitted like a fiend all of Tuesday, my day off, and today I became addicted to a new blog, Hyperbole and a Half.

Do you ever read or hear someone’s stories and feel like you’ve stumbled across someone that’s either your soulmate or stalker, it’s so eerily familiar? Yeah, I had one of those moments today, all day, while reading this.

So far day 3 of quitting smoking has been the worst, will someone tell me when it starts getting better? I’ve been mopey and pathetic and flapping my limbs around like a child every time there was no one around to see. There has been a lot of crying. There has been denial. There has been anger. There have been bargaining, depression and acceptance, rotating between them every few hours, kinda like this.

Pain Face Scale

Pain Face Scale

I may also be prone to hyperbole (hahahahaha), but I feel like this fairly accurately describes my range of internalized emotion and freak outs over the last three days.

Anyway, blog posts were not happening, just knitting and pinning. Mindless activities only, and a Supernatural marathon. I will marry both those men one day, reality be damned. They’re so very meaty and delicious.

Now I’m hungry.

Please head over to Hyperbole and a Half and get ready to either get loud in public or have someone come knock on your door to ask why you’re crying. It’s awesome.