Projects galore

I have a problem of late where I get way too many projects going at the same time, and then things fall by the wayside.  Well, not of late, pretty much always.  So that’s a problem, but the other one is my pathological need to refine things over and over to the point that I never really consider them “finished.”

These days, life is pretty busy.  I’m going back to barber school (Canadian license didn’t transfer to Illinois) three days a week, 12-hour days, another three days a week working the front desk at my barbershop (not mine, really, it’s just my shoppey home), I have a 3-year-old soon-to-be stepdaughter, and I’m planning my wedding for next August, as well as helping my sister plan hers for next July.  I’m freaking busy, and if I don’t have my crafty meditation time, life kinda sucks.

So here’s the plan.  Simplify.  Sometimes good enough really is good enough.  And just keep up on things, you know?  Have my list of daily to dos, weekly, monthly, whatever, and use my calendar.  I am going to get my shit together, and part of me hopes this blog helps hold me accountable a wee bit.

So although I have four more projects in my immediate queue, I am only starting two right now, mostly because I left the baby hat at school, and won’t be able to get at it again until Monday, and I can’t go two days without knitting.  I really totally can’t.

Gooseberry Hat

via Suvi Simola on Ravelry

#1 is the Gooseberry Hat for my little cousin Avery (2nd cousin I think?  Mom’s sister’s daughter’s son anyhow).  Making this cute little thing with Cloudy Dawn from Liberty Wool.

Cloudy Dawn Yarn

Cloudy Dawn from Classic Elite Yarns

Skellington Hat

Jackyll & Hide via Saskia de Feijter on Ravelry

#2 is not only pure awesome, it is gonna get me some tattoos.  A girl who just started working with me has a boyfriend who is a master tattoo artist.  I need a tattoo on my wrist (“hair” in Arabic.  Long story I will not explain at this time, because if I did, I would not be “simplifying”), and to get the one on my back touched up, which he said he would do in exchange for this hat.  It goes from a Jack Skellington ski mask to a plain old nice hat!  Neato.

Skellington Hat

Jackyll & Hide via Saskia de Feijter on Ravelry

Yarney goodness makes me happy.