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Hey there. You. Yes you. I know you.

  • You have a half-finished knitting project in your purse and a cable needle stashed in your sock.
  • You are obsessed with organization, and yet you cannot seem to keep your clothes from forming colonies on your floor.
  • You need copious alone time and seize up when the mailman shows up because you fear sudden unwanted social interaction.
  • You are completely unable to uni-task and have not been to a movie in years because you cannot just sit and stare for two hours.
  • You suddenly find yourself in the middle of adulthood, with a family and everything, and are not sure how you got there, or quite what to do now that you have arrived.
  • You have a pretty messed up sense of humor.

You are definitely in the right place.

Children of the Candy Corn

Children of the Candy Corn via Bent Objects

One of us…one of us…

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This is me looking pensive in leather.

My name is Natalie, the author and creator of Leave Me to My Projects. I would like to formally welcome you this rag-tag yet ever-growing community of artists, dreamers, realists, optimists and oddball creative crafters, those who put it off and those who get it done, all getting together to fill in the blanks.

If you have been searching for a place in the vast wasteland of the internet where your strange crafty self can find others who truly understand you – in all of your spastic, confusing glory – you can stop and rest now.

You haven’t met these people yet, but I have. They’re all around you. Like creepy little goblins.

These people, they’re funny, friendly, brilliant, creative  and straight up awesome – even more so when they are able to sit by themselves and consider their thoughts at a keyboard before releasing them to the world.

If only life were on time delay.

Sounds like a fun place. But why should I actually JOIN?

Of course you could just bookmark this site and quietly check in on occasion, or hell, even every day if you wanted to. But you would be missing out on so much.

You see, on the first Sunday of the month I send out the Monthly Wrap Up email to Members only. Inside you will get all of the month’s posts you may have missed, a bit of bloggy and family behind the scenes fun, and a challenge for the month! But there’s totally more.

Community Members are the brain trust, an endless fountain of creativity and inspiration. From guest posting to submitted features to ideas and requests for new projects and stories, Members have my direct line (metaphorically speaking).

Join up, speak up and inspire others as much as current members have inspired me.

Still some reservations?

I know you are dying to click that Join button down below right now – but this is the internet after all. I can understand why you might be worried, so here’s the low down.

  • Membership is totally free.
  • I will not be bombing your inbox with emails – just the monthly newsletter.
  • I will never, ever, ever EVER sell or share your information. N-E-V-E-R.
  • Clicking that button does not automatically make you a member. You still will have to click Confirm in the email you will receive.
  • You can unsubscribe any time.

There, feel better? I do hope so.

What are you waiting for?