From Pinterest to Pinerly, a Beta Tester’s Story

Have we talked about my Pinterest obsession lately? At this moment I have 95 boards, 4227 pins and 338 followers (Jan 1, 2013 update: 1,031 followers!). And I am now a freaking beta tester for Pinerly. The geek out is reaching critical levels. After all, this blog may not have come to be if I had not needed a way to justify the amount of time I wasted on Pinterest.


A few of my obsessive collections

So what is Pinerly? You can check out a super detailed explanation over at Mashable, but it is essentially a new analytics tools for Pinterest. I first noticed Pinerly when I was jacking around on Twitter last week. It was all @Pinerly everywhere, and everyone and their mother, bloggers big and small were signing up and clamoring to get on the waiting list.

Somehow, (don’t ask me how, I seriously have no idea) I got an invite to be a beta tester! As a former IT marketing monkey with a talent for data analysis who helped build a CRM system from the planning stages, the idea of in my own small way helping myself and others get the most of Pinterest excites the pants off me. And I have monkeys on my underpants, so, you know.

Who wants to beta it up with me? How about this: I’ll tell you what I want to be able to do with Pinterest (or through Pinerly, as the case may be), and you tell me what you want to be able to do! The Pinerly folks are so on top of their communication with the testers I can literally guarantee you the right people will be reading this. I know not all of these can be done through Pinerly, but Pinterest, these are my fondest wishes for your service.

Pinerly Logo

My Pinning Wishlist

  • Subcategories, or a way of tagging images that is separate from the pin description would be nice.
  • Option to link to your Facebook page instead of your personal profile.
  • A way to see your duplicate pins together.
  • There are some pinners that will only pin an image once, to the board it most fits. Some pinners will pin the same image on multiple boards. I have gone back and forth between these two methods so many times that it is getting out of control. I would love some way to find and sort duplicate pins, so I can weed out the doubles on the same boards. This would also be a great help when I split up a gargantuan board into new, smaller and more focused ones.
  • Pin It button for Pinerly, like the normal Pinterest Pin It button. As I understand it, this is coming soon.
  • At the moment on Pinerly you have to add pins on site manually, as if you were uploading an entirely new pin to Pinterest, sans button.
  • Please for the love of god let me get detailed in filtering who I follow. I am a strategic follower on Pinterest. It’s not as if I’m one of those people who only follows influencers, but I only follow pinners and individual boards I actually like, so as to only fill my Pinterest feed with great pins. Here’s what I have been dying to sort by/search for amongst my stalkees:
  • Pinboards with no pins, or < or > a certain number of pins.
  • See who is following me.
  • See who my biggest repinners are (or just see how many of my pins they have repinned, liked, commented on, etc.)
  • Show when they were last on site/last pinned, so I can unfollow people who never use the service.
  • When I search on-site for Spring, for example, it’s great that I can search for Pins, Boards or People. Now if only I could add a qualifier of searching within those I follow, or those who follow me (this would be huge for me – pleasepleaseplease).
  • I would love to be able to search within a category. For example, searching within the Food & Drink category for Weddings, or vise versa.

This is just a start for my wishlist, and I know as I continue to use this service (I will be spending a good amount of time on there today and tomorrow), the list will grow.

So I want to hear it from you, obsessive pinners, categorizers and organizers! What do you want from Pinterest, for you or for your business? Shout it out in the comments below. They’re listening…

In the meantime, to prove I’m serious, gaze in horror at the madness below. These are all 95 of my Pinboards, linked in all their glory.

  • Weddings – I’m getting married this August, and my wonderful little seester in July, so from now until then, there are a bunch of little bees in cummerbunds bouncing around in my brain. I hope you’ll enjoy the madness as much as I do.
  • Modern Pagan Wedded Bliss – My wedding: intimate, modern, pagan, naturey, minimalist, full moon, molecularly gastronomic, French, Irish, blue, green, magical herbs, a feast for the senses, followed by two weeks of backpacking through the UK.
  • Leetle Seester’s Wedding – My beautiful little ginger sister’s wedding: rustic, vintage, DIY, rainbow, barn, prairie, summery, funk music, hippie jam fest, place of pure happiness.
  • Modern Weddings – Clean, simple and elegant weddings.
  • Rustic Weddings – Worn and weathered weddings in places that might kill seasonal allergy sufferers warm my heart.
  • Vintage Weddings – I absolutely adore soft and romantic vintage weddings with muted tones and handpicked details.
  • Beach Weddings – Beach weddings are beautiful, but not well suited to brides with blinding, near see-through pale skin, but the do make me sigh wistfully.
  • Winter Weddings – A cold wedding day. Not my idea of fun, but they are so pretty.
  • Chicago Weddings – My Hometown – There are so many amazing wedding venues right here and abouts my hometown of Chicago.
  • Our Rustic Engagement Shoot – Papa Bear and I plan on being awesome crazy old people one day. Why wait? We’re going to play the young versions of our old selves for our engagement photo shoot.
  • Engagement Sessions – From cute and sweet to lovely and romantic to offbeat and badass, I love engagement photo shoots of all kinds.
  • Inspiration
  • Psycho Foodie – I am a complete food porn addict, and when I get a little more time, I will start making a lot more of this.
  • Soups & Stews – From rich and hearty stews to light and flavorful soups, I like food in liquid form.
  • Munchies – Snacks and apps and munchies oh my.
  • Breakfast Served All Day  – Although I rarely if ever have actual breakfast, as in eating before noon, breakfast food is my favorite kind.
  • Sugar High – One insulin-induced coma, coming up.
  • Liquid-ish Happy – And it doesn’t even all have booze in it, I swear!
  • Cupcakes Need Their Own Category – Damn skippy.
  • No Condiments, No Love – Sometimes condiments are the only things left in the fridge. With these, that’s not a bad thing.
  • Kitchen Tips & Tricks – No matter how much you love cooking, anything that makes it easier is always welcome.
  • Craftiness – When you’re broke and cheap, DIY isn’t hipster, it’s necessary. Let’s make, salvage and repurpose.
  • Yarnworks – I’m an avid knitter and am just learning to crochet, and anything that I think I could make for less than I could buy it, I’m gonna make. Bury yourself in the fibery goodness.
  • String Theory – Although I am completely fascinated by sewing and needlepoint and the finer string-arts, I don’t have a lot of experience with it. This is my inspiration to learn.
  • Scrapbooking & Photo Project – I have over 10,000 family and personal photos on my hard drive, and more to scan in. I have also recently discovered Creative Memories digital scrapbooking. I may never see daylight again.
  • Little Ones – Little human creatures too cute to not pin. This is where I keep my stock of kid’s photography inspiration.
  • Baby Bear – My little squish needs her own style Pinboard too! She has a sense of…what you might call “whimsy.”
  • Things to do with the kid – Kids are adorable and all, but you actually need to…do stuff with them. And there are many hours in the day to keep them entertained and not bothering stuff. Here’s some help with that.
  • Lilliputian Cuisine – Although we don’t dumb food down for the little one, there’s nothing wrong with making it whimsical. Or having her help make it.
  • For My Inner Child – My inner child and my unicorn, rainbow, zombie and skull-loving 3-year-old stepdaughter have a lot in common. This board proves you don’t have to be blood to be family.
  • Les Animaux – I love creatures, even the weird, scaly and slimy ones. The fluffy ones are good too.
  • For My Kinda Green Thumb – One day I will have my big amazing garden and I will be a human plant encyclopedia with all of the garden tools I could dream of. For now…prepa-ray-shons.
  • Eat the Garden – As long as you’re growing stuff, why not grow stuff you can eat?
  • Front Yard Project – Redoing the parents’ whole house. This be the front yard, painted in fiery, warm, bright and happy hues.
  • Back Yard Project – We’re re-landscaping my parents’ entire yard. This be the back yard, shaded in light, soft, cool, calming and sweet hues.
  • The Grounds – My one day garden, patio and the general grounds.
  • To Build a House – I just want to live somewhere beautiful and peaceful and full of nature. Not too much to ask, right?
  • Living Like a Monkey – I never got a treehouse, so I built a crappy one in the woods with my first boyfriend. One day I will have a real one.
  • My Home When I Dream – This is my pinboard sanctuary. Inside my home sweet one day home.
  • Things Organized Neatly – Now that I’m getting into a life stage with a little more permanence, I have to find better places to put my stuff.
  • Learning to Dress Myself – It was a long hard road to figuring out my personal style. These are items I should have in my closet.
  • Brent–The Other Me – Ever since I was a kid, I kind of turned into a dude every once in awhile. In more recent years, he has named himself Brent and taken on a whole separate personality.
  • Clear and Bright – I’m a Clear Winter when I’m my normal, pale, ghostly self, but when the gardening season hits, I flow into Clear Spring. In reality, I’m more of a neutral. Here’s what my closet should look like.
  • Style Beyond Me – While I love beautiful clothes, high fashion, and the like, I don’t actually like it all ON me. This is where I put the rest.
  • Cranial & Extremity – Jewelry, scarves, hats, and all the stuff I have recently realized can really jazz you up.
  • Things for my Feet – Shoes, socks, accessories de pied – you know, junk that goes on my feetz.
  • Papa Bear – My big burly bearded man needs a style Pinboard too!
  • Lovely Locks – I’m a barber and sometimes stylist with a bit of a follicular obsession.
  • Boy Hair Love – A lot of men don’t trust a female barber. Let me tell you boys, if you have a female barber with short hair, good things will happen. We get ya.
  • Short Hair Love – I’m not a barber because I have love men’s hair, I’m a barber because I love SHORT hair.
  • Hair a-Color – I don’t particularly like doing color – unless you let me do whatever I want with it. Then it’s tons of fun.
  • Painted Jezebel – I like colorful sparkly stuff to put on my face and nails and stuff. What.
  • Beard Love – One of my barberly specialties is beards. I sometimes wish I were a dude so I could do awesome stuff with my facial hair. Instead, I just do it to my clients and fianceé.
  • Deep Winter Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are predominantly deep, dark and cool.
  • Deep Autumn Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are predominantly deep, dark and warm.
  • Light Spring Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are predominantly light and delicate with warm undertones.
  • Light Summer Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are predominantly light and delicate with cool undertones.
  • Warm Spring Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are warm, light and delicate.
  • Warm Autumn Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are warm, deep and dark.
  • Cool Summer Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are warm, deep and dark.
  • Cool Winter Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are cool, light and delicate.
  • Clear Spring Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are predominantly clear and bright with warm undertones.
  • Clear Winter Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are predominantly clear and bright with cool undertones.
  • Soft Summer Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are predominantly soft and muted with cool undertones.
  • Soft Autumn Color Palette – Your hair, eye and skin colors are predominantly soft and muted with warm undertones.
  • Rainbow of Colors – I’m kind of a color junkie. I bleed rainbows. Serious.
  • Red – Carmine, raspberry, ruby, scarlet and vermillion.
  • Orange – Apricot, pumpkin, rust, salmon and tangerine.
  • Yellow – Amber, citrine, goldenrod, gold and saffron.
  • Green – Apple, forest, hunter, mint and pistachio.
  • Blue – Azure, cerulean, cobalt, cornflower and navy.
  • Purple – Amethyst, indigo, lavender, plum and violet.
  • Pink – Blush, carnation, coral, rose and peach.
  • Earth – Bronze, chestnut, chocolate, copper and mahogany.
  • Shades of Grey – Black, white, and everything in between.
  • Spring – I absolutely love spring. The flowers, the colors, the rain to play moody indie lady music to, and each day is warmer and better than the last. What’s not to love?
  • Summer – I usually hate the summer while it is happening – hot, buggy, sweaty – so why do I romanticize it so?
  • Autumn – Autumn is my second-favorite season. It’s like spring in reverse, but with better food.
  • Winter – I love winter aesthetically. As in, from inside, somewhere warm.
  • Halloween – I love Halloween, but I hate never having the cash to put together a decent costume. For here on out, I’m going to be planning ahead.
  • Christmas – Meh to Christmas. It is a juggernaut, though, and has enough force to compel me to make it a board.
  • The Other Holidays – I have an internal daily social interaction meter. Holidays get me redlining, but I do enjoy the food and crafty parts of them.
  • Places to go and people to meet – Although I haven’t had a vacation in about a decade, now that I have gotten serious about finances, this is totally happening. Let the dreaming commence.
  • Geek – I am one. I will not apologize.
  • Things that are nifty – These are the things that make me say OOOooohhhhh…..
  • Things that make me laugh – These are the things that make me say BBBwwwaaahaha!!!
  • Things that make me smile – These are the things that make me say AWWWwwwww…..
  • Things that make me wistful – These are the things that make me cock my head to the side and sigh…..
  • The Path Less Travelled – Because I can’t help wanting to know what’s around the next bend…
  • Beautiful Things – Where I keep my pretties.
  • Beautiful People – Where I keep my human pretties. I refrain from making them put the lotion on its skin, and then back in the basket.
  • Androgylicious – I love non-specific things. Androgyny is the sexiest thing in the world.
  • Art & Illustration – I’m an art school dropout, but that doesn’t mean I’m not an artist. This is where I gather inspiration.
  • Ink Inspired – While not totally broke, tattoos are not going to fit in the budget for some time. But oh, how I love them.
  • For My Camera & Me – Now that I have a super-portable little Powershot, this is where I keep my photo inspiration.


  1. Oh, so jealous! Your wishlist is spot on. I’d LOVE to be able to search the boards of people I follow, that would make the Pinterest search so much more useful to me.

    • Natalie Webb says:

      I know! I follow people because I like their pins or boards (I usually follow a pinner, then unfollow boards that don’t interest me), and then I can never find them again, much less any boards I like. Any other wishes Marie?

  2. Jahzz says:

    You’re early blessed…I gotten no respond to my initial request to join Pinerly and cross that bridge when it happens.
    Thanks for the valued insights 🙂

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Thanks Jahzz! Just send them an email, tweet, whatever, but keep in contact! Works for everything from job interviews to beta testing. Bug them a little, but not too much.

  3. I would like the time of my pins to be visible to me at least so that when I get the odd 50 repins in a few hours on one pin when I look back a month later I can see why and recognize trends, like which boards get viewed more, when and by whom. When do moms repin recipes and their playtime DIY’s vs. young fashionistas and their DIY’s.

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Wow, that’s a great one Katie! I think that would be invaluable.

      As far as keeping track of faves, I do have a running note in Evernote for both boards and pinners, but it’s so inelegant. I think when it comes down to it, I want to obsessively categorize my favorite pinners and boards just like I do everything else on that site.

      It’s hard to tell where the line is between Pinterest being good for my creativity and business, and bad for my health. I don’t care, I love it so.