New Lease on Life for the Day

Interesting. It seems AdSense is telling me that my readers, based on my content, might have need of a neurosurgeon to perform something called “Deep Brain Stimulation” to treat OCD. Have I mentioned OCD by name on here yet? Because I kinda feel I have an undiagnosed case, but it shouldn’t be diagnosed by Google. Either way, seems this mention may have confirmed it in the Dr. Google’s mind.

But guess what? I started rewriting that post that got destroyed by the stupid Acer, and it’s not so bad! Some parts are better even! So it’s not going to happen tonight, but perhaps tomorrow, and then I don’t have to post an update with the pictures, I’ll go take a walk and take them.

‘Til tomorrow!

P.S. I went to find a picture to go with this post, and I typed in “electro-shock therapy pictures” and this came up. Awesome.

Creepy Wrestler