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Now that we’ve moved into our new place, I am uber jazzed to start decorating, project-ing, and making this place a home.

Nesting, if you will. Yes, I realize that terms is usually applied to baby preparation, but we’re still at least a year and a half away from that.

Nesting DIY Inspiration

But there’s a challenge in the nesting here at our new place. Any projects have to be of a fairly temporary/portable nature, because we’re only going to be here for a year. That means no painting of walls, and working in a very limited space. I’ve been splashing about on Pinterest again (surprise, surprise) and finding some really fun home DIY projects to riff off of in the upcoming months.

  1. Sturdy/pretty up bookshelf ~ We just picked up a long-forgotten bookcase from my parents which for years had been storing a bunch of random junk and dad’s old stereo equipment that he is saving to harvest for parts. The back of the bookcase is just made of cheap plywood, and it’s starting to buckle. Whether we use pallet wood as in this example or not, we definitely need a sturdier, more interesting backing. At the very least, there will be some painting and color on the backboard. Now to move a metric ton of books off it…
  2. Clothesline photo display ~ I had a small-ish clothesline photo display set up in our room at out old place, but we have some extra empty wall space now. Epic photo display coming right up, people. Now the hard part – choosing (narrowing down) which photos to use.
  3. Container refrigerator magnets ~ We already have a lot of magnets on our fridge, between Baby Bear’s alphabet magnets and our many, many many magnetic spice tins. We now need something to something to store the plethora of writing implements used to pen the many lists that get attached to the fridge with said magnets. Now, where do I find me some vintage tea tins like these? Perhaps I could just empty some of the spices I have in their neat original tins into the Ikea magnetic spice tins. I do have some mustard, smoked paprika and old bay that could use this treatment.
  4. Candle chandelier ~ Papa Bear and I have somewhat of a candle addiction, even going so far as to make our own. I feel like our newlywed bedroom could use a little romance, because we don’t have very much decoration going on in there yet. I have some boring bits, I could tear some holes in a board and have this up in a jiffy. Perhaps I should make some more candles as well…
  5. Chalkboard menu ~ To be able to eat well while working the schedules we’re working, a lot of menu planning has to take place. Planning from breakfast through healthy snacks and on to dinner with things that make good leftovers takes a lot of doing. Also, how do you know not to eat those two apples that I need for a recipe on a given week? I need a fun way to make a nice, visible, rewritable menu. And I do like chalkboard everything.
  6. Calendar wall ~ I already have a calendar wall nearly finished that can be reused year after year. It’s pretty awesome, and it will be coming up on the blog very soon…be excited. Oh, and it’s way cooler and more comprehensive than the one pictured above.
  7. Big letters ~ Meg, my blog buddy and former fellow bridesmaid in my leetle seester’s wedding, wrote a post about her giant greeting letters that I really loved. I already have some letters of my own with a slightly different greeting for the front door, and have something in mind for Baby Bear’s room too. Back to the craft store!
  8. Bracelet holder ~ I have some big cuff jewelry that I cannot seem to find a good place to store anywhere. Of course I would have to find some great craft beer bottles, but that can be easily arranged. After all, I just saw a sign on the Walgreens in Wicker Park that said they now sell craft beer. Hipsterville USA, that’s how it goes.
  9. Furniture painting ~ Some of our furniture is a deep slightly reddish wood that I really love, especially with the green I like to surround myself with in my living space. Some of our furniture, however, is light blonde, some a middle brown, and everything in between. I have been meaning to refinish those other pieces, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Very soon. I love the old look of this sideboard, and especially the color. Lots of furniture to get painted, and oh so many options.
  10. I just found out that my dad has loads of opportunities to grab spare pallets at work. And I have a lot of shit I want to make. A desk, shelves, a coffee table and probably quite a bit more. I can’t wait to start building.

What is your favorite personal DIY touch you’ve added to your home?

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