My Seed Starting Adventure

There is true magic in watching seeds sprout in the spring. For you egomaniacs out there, you are literally creating life. It’s pretty cool. To give your plants their best start, many of them can and should be started indoors, right about now.

Seed Starting

Let's get growing

Why should you start seeds indoors? How should you start them? Which plants benefit from starting indoors? When do you start them?

I had absolutely no idea, so I did a whole lot of research. It seems there is a lot of conflicting opinion out there. I’ve waded through it, and these are the this seems to be the consensus.

Read the packets: There is perhaps only one piece of advice that everyone agrees on. Read your packets. They will tell you when to plant your seeds based on your last frost date, and whether they should be sown indoors or directly outside.

Plant in well-drained soil: Sandy soil, vermiculite or peat moss are all good options. Do not use potting soil or garden dirt.

Seed Starting

In the Burpee kit, just add water to soil pellets and they grow!

Label those little dudes: I know you think you’ll remember, or you’ll recognize them as they come up, but even so, just do it. Things get confusing, or so everyone tells me.

Labeling Seedlings

Despite the fact that I had the seeds labeled, Dad felt the need to get the label maker.

Cover the babies: Tent plastic wrap above your planted seeds. As they begin to sprout, ensure that the plastic does not touch the plants.

Give them water: To keep fungal disease at bay, water seeds from below. They tray setup we got at Home Depot from Burpee makes it easy to just make sure there is some water underneath the pods. You can water seedlings from above if need be, but make sure they have good air circulation.

Give them light: How much and how far away? When I was researching seed starting, I saw as little as 8 hours to as many as 16, and as little as 6″ to any distance you like. So…who knows. I’m going to do 10 hours and few feet away, and let you know how it goes. Suggestions?

Grow Lights

Grow lights pilfered from grandma

And with that, your seeds should be off to a great start.

Grow Lights

Grow lights pilfered from grandma

There is quite a bit more to getting plants from seed to garden, which we will cover in future posts.

In the meantime, two days after these were planted, the Wallflowers started sprouting. No, not the band, the flower. It says they even bloom through winter, which I find hard to believe, but I was intrigued enough to buy a packet and see what happens.

You can check them out in my Seed Catalogs and Grow Lights Oh My! post from last week.

Wallflowers Sprouting


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