My Blog Crushes & Bloggity Resolutions

I am a blogger, therefore, I love blogs.

Specifically, I love blogs written by slightly offbeat, introverted, free-spirited, crafty types who love food, art, and have a tendency toward the OCD.

If you have bopped around on the various sections and pages of this here blog, you will notice I follow a freaking ton of blogs of all genres, shapes and sizes. But there are some, the Daily Reads, on my main blog page, that I read obsessively every time they post.

And of those, there are a few that I have serious blog crushes on to the point their authors might think I have stalker tendencies (at least if they knew how often they appear in my bloggity fantasies, which most of them don’t, because I creep around their blogs like a silent ninja, lest I freak them out with my love).

My Blog Crushes

Elsie ~ Joy ~ Meredith ~ Kat ~ Corinne ~ Kaylah

Today, I let my stalkery adoration out into the open, because if you read my blog, you need to be reading theirs too. So please, click through (either on the blog name or photo) and love them as I do. Let’s get to the love!

1) A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

About Elsie: Elsie is a photographer, scrapbooker, clothing designer, author and all-around creative who could easily be a Zooey Deschannel clone. She (along with her team of fellow bloggers and friends) post multiple times a day with all sorts of inspiration for living a beautiful, handmade life.

About the Love: If you are a blogger yourself, you know all about blog envy. This is my #1 green-eyed inspiration. From her rainbow tabs to how much time she gets to spend being creative with her sister to her beautiful fonts to her spectacular wealth of posts, I’ll admit it, I want to be just like Elsie.

How She Inspires Me: Elsie’s work with her team, and her ability to spend time with like-minded folks is something I really need to find time to do more often. Inspiration flows when you are out in the world, doing things, being with people and experiencing life. I have a tendency to hunker down in front of my computer and hermit into my work. While my productivity level is great when I hermit, I do find that my creativity suffers for it.

My Blogging Resolution: Elsie reminds me that I need to make more time to bring inspiration into my life, see friends, go on day trips, and get the hell out of the house. Admittedly, with every tick up on the thermostat, this will be easier to do, because I am abysmal at dealing with the cold. Now, let’s see if I can do all that and also find time to get my laundry done.

2) Joy the Baker

Joy the Baker

Joy the Baker

About Joy: Joy is a baker (obviously), author, podcaster, and all-around sweetheart. Her spirit explodes off the page in her writing, and it’s easy as pie (pun totally intended – I fucking love puns) to fall in love with her.

About the Love: Joy’s photos are always so simple and beautiful. There are so many food blogs out there with overly fussed-over photos, dramatic lighting, and super-styled food, but hers make you feel like you’re right in her kitchen, and she is about to share some delicious goodies with you. A lot of food bloggers have a tendency to write a little blurb introduction to a recipe, and get straight to the food, but she geeks out in silly tangents all over the place to the point that I feel as if I actually know her. Obviously I don’t, I’m just creeping on her from behind my computer, but still. Loves. Maybe one day I can meet and hug her. That would be neat.

How She Inspires Me: Early in my blogging career (can you call it a career when you haven’t financially broken even on its life yet?), I think I spent far too much time on sites geared toward professional bloggers, especially the meta blogging about blogging kinds. They tend to drill into your head that you need to get to the point, be succinct, and give visitors just the information the came for, lest they get bored or annoyed and click back. But yeah, Joy doesn’t do any of that, and that is exactly why I keep clicking refresh on her site to read yet another sweet, sweet post.

My Blogging Resolution: Joy reminds me that this blogging world has a lot of self-imposed rules that are not made to be broken, because they’re not actually rules. Is someone else employing me here? Hell no. I started this blog because I wanted to connect with people like myself (which has happened to a point beyond my wildest dreams already). I pay for hosting, I wake up early and stay up late to work on it, I make the editorial calendar, I dream up post ideas while washing people’s hair at the barbershop (I assume they know nothing of this, but methinks it is why my scalp massages are so baller). This is my rodeo, and I need to embrace that fact. So yes, I will do my best to bring my readers the types of posts and information they have come to love and expect around here, but at that same time, there are no boundaries within those posts. Time to let me freak flag fly a little more flappily.

3) One Sheepish Girl

One Sheepish Girl

One Sheepish Girl

About Meredith: Meredith is a quiet yarn freak who loves tea, and takes the most pure, clean and beautiful photos around. Her photography is a style all her own. She also has the sweet soul of an old lady, and I mean that in the best possible way.

About the Love: The photography is what draws me most to Meredith’s blog. Even though she doesn’t appear in her own photos very often, her simple style of neatly arranged items, often against a simple white knit blanket backdrop speaks more about her than a bunch of portraits ever could.

How She Inspires Me: This blog is an exercise in crafted curation. Her colors and style and so ingrained into every aspect of her blog, from the blog design itself to her yarn and fabric choices to her perfectly consistent lighting. It all just fits.

My Blogging Resolution: To find a more consistent style. Before I started this blog, it had been a very long time since I had done any sort of photography on a regular basis, and at the time, the only camera I had was the camera on my phone. Seriously, looking back on my early posts is cringe-worthy, but even with as far as I have come, I know I still have a long way to go. Hopefully later this year I will finally be able to invest in a more professional camera, and then watch out blogging world. In the meantime, I will hone my skills with my little Canon SX150 IS. He’s a good little camera, he will do.

4) Rock N Roll Bride

Rock N Roll Bride

Rock N Roll Bride

About Kat: Kat is the pink-haired blogger behind the most badass wedding blog on the planet. That is not opinion, that’s a fact. Believe me, in planning my wedding and my sister’s this past summer, I scoured hundreds of the top wedding blogs, and this is hands down the coolest on out there. She is the one blogger that doesn’t quite fit in this list – she is not a craft or DIY lifestyle blogger, and I can’t imagine anyone would call her an introvert, but even now that I am officially hitched, I cannot seem to stop making daily visits.

About the Love: As you may know, my wonderful husband is an ordained minister and wedding officiant through his company, Elemental Ministry, so although we are already married, we are still a part of the wedding world. The weddings Kat features are quirky and offbeat, and at the same time stunningly beautiful.

How She Inspires Me: Just because you’re a bit of a freak doesn’t mean you can’t also be a complete professional. She has cultivated her own style so completely that there is absolutely no way to imitate her. You can try, but no one could ever do it like she does.

My Blogging Resolution: Blogging is a personal journey to finding your style and voice. If you have been following this blog from the very beginning, you know how far I have already come in this journey, but I am still far from where I want to be. I have been experimenting with all kinds of new formats and features lately, and they are still changing, but having recently entered into my second year of blogging, I feel that it’s high time to solidify this thing we call style. Wish me luck!

5) Stuck With Pins

Stuck With Pins

Stuck With Pins

About Corinne: Corinne is a blogger that I have only recently come across, but her blog is one of the most hauntingly beautiful webby hangouts I know. She likes dead things and curiosities, art, and all kinds of weird stuff. I think she’s pretty neat.

About the Love: Corinne is unapologetically creepy. She is an artist. She puts it all out there, and doesn’t seem to worry about what anyone thinks of her work and the things she loves.

How She Inspires Me: Stuck With Pins is a blog about exploring creativity, wherever it leads. While she does have set categories and features (and I am admittedly new on this site), what draws me to her and her work is her willingness to follow her inspiration.

My Blogging Resolution: To do more exploring, in real life and around the interwebs. Inspiration comes from everywhere.

6) The Dainty Squid

The Dainty Squid

The Dainty Squid

About Kaylah: Jeebus, I adore Kaylah. Even though she left the land of blue hair recently in favor of fuchsia, I have a funny feeling she will to it return one day. She loves tromping around in the woods, discovering mushrooms, bugs, and collecting all manners of neat and pretty things. She also has a number of cats, my favorite being Dr. Octopus, who she dresses up quite often. He doesn’t seem to mind.

About the Love: You know how, every so often, you come across a blogger that you connect with so hard that you’re intimidated to even come out and say hello for fear of scaring them off or somehow making them hate you? Yes, Kaylah is that for me. She even shows up in my dreams sometimes, us flitting about the forest like twin blue-haired pixies. And yes, I just said that publicly. I swear, Kaylah, I’m not a total creep. But I love you a whole bunch.

How She Inspires Me: Kaylah tells us she is a super shy type (like me), but she puts herself in front of the camera with so much confidence. I have been trying to work up the nerve to do it, but every time I try, I get so very critical of myself. First, I couldn’t find my tripod for the longest time (yesterday I found that my parents’ attic had eaten it), second, I am completely unclear of how to autofocus with a self-timer on my camera, and third, if anyone were to happen upon me during a self-photo shoot, I might die of mortification.

My Blogging Resolution: Screw it, I’m just going to do it. Like, tomorrow morning during the expected blizzard. I will tromp deep into the woods and do this shit. Just watch me. Results coming up on Friday. Seriously, hold me to this, people.

I am always on the lookout for more blogs to crush on. What are your favorites? Give them (or yours!) a shout out in the comments below!


  1. Ha, this is the great description of my blog I’ve ever heard! “Unapologetically creepy” — I love it! ;D Thanks so much for the feature. Glad to have you as a reader.

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Unapologetically creepy folks are my very favorite kind, after all! Can’t wait to keep creeping on you.

  2. I love the way you use words like a poet or a seamstress with words as fabric

  3. Haha! This makes my day! You’re too sweet.

    Taking pictures of yourself is definitely weird at first, and I’m the first to admit I’m ultra critical of how I look in pictures. It’s totally okay to take a million pictures and hate all of them but one! You gotta just keep trying. Eventually taking pictures of yourself will become easier, you’ll get more relaxed in front of the camera and there will be more and more photos from a shoot you love! I’ll be back here Friday, you better have a post up!! <3

    • Natalie Webb says:

      OMG I think I’m hyperventilating right now. HI KAYLAH!!! I am so doing it tomorrow, in a blizzard no less. Luckily, school for Papa Bear is preemptively cancelled, so he can help me, because as I said, I can’t figure out how to get this camera to autofocus with the self-timer. And I don’t think howling wind blizzard conditions is the time to figure it out. I suck with cold so much.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! You’re sort of the best ever, you know.