Morgan’s Cosmic Moon

Every parent thinks their kid is special. That’s a cliché for a reason. In our case, though, it’s totally true. The giant birthday book says so.

Tyler (also known as Papa Bear) has this giant book, called The Secret Language of Birthdays. I thought it was your typical generalized astrology stuff, until I started reading my pages, his, Morgan’s, my mom, dad, and all my exes. It was about that time I started getting goosebumps.

hot n cold by utopic man

Hot n Cold via Utopic Man

Morgan (also known as Baby Bear) was born on June 20th, the day before the summer solstice. That day is called “The Day of Ecstatic Appeal.” According to the book, her strengths are that she is emotional, rousing and charismatic. Her weaknesses are that she is overly emotional and destructive. A few of my favorite quotes from her day:

Morgan Dancing in a Sunbeam

  • Can experience or allow others to experience a loss of rational orientation or a heightened state…[which can] be trance-like, ecstatic, even hysterical…ESP, psychic, and predictive abilities are not uncommon.
  • There is usually an underlying irrationality in their makeup…excitement and emotionality seem to swirl around them.
  • [They] are not only capable of arousing emotion, but of controlling and directing it as well.

My kid has all the makings of a great cult leader, it seems. She sure has a way of capturing attention.

That, and we’re pretty convinced that she has talked to my grandmother since she passed away last April.

Baby Bear also has this thing with music. She once accidentally walked into a room while Halloween was on, saw an axe murder, and laughed her head off. Then she saw that one scene in Fantasia with the low, quick cello music with the red waves, and started bawling her eyes out, the music hit her that hard.

Ever since I’ve known her, since she was about 18 months old she banged along on the car seat in time to Tom Waits, and at about 24 months she was doing interpretive dance to and babbling about Lady Gaga constantly.

Now we have this.

She’s something special all right.

If you are not familiar with Florence + The Machine or Cosmic Love, feel the primal rhythms. It’s hard not to get taken over by the music.

I know you have an extra special kid too. Tell us what makes them so cool.


  1. awwww she is so cute!!! my mom tells me I danced and sang all. the. time. gotta love fun, loving, super creative personalities.

    • Thanks Brandy! With the lows come the highs, right? Apparently that had been going on for the last 14 hours or so when the video was taken. While I wouldn’t trade anything about her personality for the world, I am preparing for anything once she hits teenage years. I’ll just do my best to hold on.

  2. Libby says:

    I HAVE THAT BOOK! The Secret Language of Birthdays is amaaaaaaaazing! My daughter is a Taurus, with a Sagittarian moon and a Scorpio ascendant…or the other way round. But anyway, she’s going to be a haaaaandfulllll when she gets older! The book is preparing me…
    British Libby 😉

    • Natalie Webb says:

      Everyone should buy it, right? It’s creepy. I’m March 29th. Apparently I need to be wary of pushing my ideals on others. Yeah book, I hear ya.

      Yay, British Libby stuck! Missed you around these parts.


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