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Papa Bear and I love greenery, but we can’t have a lot of it in our house. First, this is a tiny apartment, and finding places to put plants is tough. Also, the light is terrible, with no sunlight entering the kitchen and living room because we keep the blinds closed due to people walking past.

Enter garage sale and grafted succulents. They like a lot of light, but many can do without it, and they don’t need to be watered very often. Oh, and our plants have names. Let’s meet them.


This is Pepe.

Pepe was also pictured above. He is so named because of his pot, obviously. He used to have a nice, standard clay pot, but then Nikki (who you may be seeing on the blog soon, we’re trying to schedule a craft and cooking day!) knocked him off a balcony. He survived.

Then for some reason we left him outside, where he was eaten down to the nub by marauding bunnies. Papa Bear told me to just throw him out, but I knew Pepe was stronger than those fluffy little buggers.

Months went by with little progress, but Pepe has not only survived, he has thrived. And look how cute and squishy he is! He lives in Baby Bear’s room.

Say hello to Pepe

Say hello to Pepe

This is El Scorcho.

He is pointy. He was named because the summer we got him we were obsessed with singing along to that Weezer song when we rolled down the windows on warm nights and sang along at the top of our lungs.

He used to live on our sunny back balcony in the bungalow back in Chicago. And then suddenly he began to grow these…appendages. Long and thin with a little bud on the end. And no matter how much we turned him round and round, his tentacles always seemed to be reaching for you when you went out on that balcony.

It was like Audrey II out there. Eventually his limbs fell off, and to date they have not come back, so I don’t know what the hell that was about. Maybe he’s haunted. He now lives in our lightless kitchen and seems to be doing A-OK.

Say hello to El Scorcho

Say hello to El Scorcho

This is Mabel.

She is the pretty one. This is a Christmas Cactus, which I do not actually know too much about, short of “water once a week, and dust the leaves occasionally.” This was a present from my mother-in-law, a graft of the enormous plant in her living room. To my knowledge, her plant does not have a name.

This little lady only occasionally shoots out a pink and frilly flower, but most of the time she’s just green. MIL’s freaking EXPLODES with flowers a number of times a year (I really need to find out how often these are supposed to flower). One day, one day, Mabel’s young, and apparently has more important things to do.


I would really love to get more plants in our house, but I am never sure what to buy. Give me a big outdoor garden plot, and I’m fine. Indoor plants? Kind of clueless.

Do you know of any cute low-maintenance, low space-requiring, low-light indoor plants? Tell us about them in the comments!