Let’s Get All Cozy and Stuff

Holy balls guys, what is happening around here?

This blog has exploded in the last couple of weeks. The Project Community has expanded from about 60 members two weeks ago to a whopping 175 rad crafty freaks as of this morning.

Color me brown and wood grained, because I’m floored. (Ha! You see what I did there?)

Although there are 175 Community members, I know there are so many more people bopping around on the pages of this site, seeing as pageviews topped out at 8,362 on January 22, and have continued strong since then. So I wanted to give all of you newcomers a big and spastic friendly wave. So glad you’re here!

The Blorp and I

The Blorp and I say hello. He is the blog mascot

I’m very friendly but super awkward, and every time I find myself in a new place on the interwebs, I am never sure of how to get in there and interact with people. So I usually hang back, all quiet like, reading and harboring burning questions, but never asking them.

Since I guess I’m the host here, let me tell you how to interact with the community to get the most out of it! Keep reading for all of the social networks where you can find myself and the rest of the Project Community, and get around this site.

By the way, you reading there, are you a Community Member yet? You can read all about it and sign up here.

Facebook – Facebook is the easiest place to interact with the community. Post photos on my page of awesome projects you’re working on, delicious things you’re cooking, the super cute outfit you’re wearing – if it’s something that is making you happy today, share it here!

I share plenty of geekery and happy, funny things over on Facebook. Oh, and you can see all of the photos from the 365 Photo Challenge from both myself AND the hubs, all in one place. Come over and like the page here!

Twitter – Twitter is a little more business, a little more information heavy. There are so many great articles to be found! If you’re a fellow blogger, definitely find me here.

Pinterest – Pinterest is where I have the biggest following, probably because Pinterest was the catalyst for this blog. It also is where I let all of my obsessive interests and need to categorize things run fucking CRAZY. If you also have an massive case of OCD, you totally want to follow me here.

Instagram – Papa Bear and I are both doing the 365 Photo Challenge through captureyour365.com, but we also take plenty of other Instagrams of our day to day life, and neat things we find, because often our phones are the only cameras we have readily available. If you’re on Instagram, find me here and Papa Bear here.

Ravelry – Although Leave Me to My Projects is about the DIY Lifestyle, and the many categories that falls into, we all know that the biggest draw around here is the knitting. If you’re on Ravelry (and I’m sure most of you are), come be my friend!

Etsy – We make stuff around here. But sometimes, the only way to make something in an economical way is to make a lot of it. So this is where that stuff goes! You can find all of the project overflow, and the blog mascot, the Rainbow Blorp, knitted by yours truly, on The Project Shoppe here.

Site Categories – We cover a number of topics around here, and each page has loads of great related blogs and resources to check out in that category’s sidebar:

  • Crafts – Knitting and DIY projects, although I have been dying to get into crochet, embroidery and sewing. Stay tuned!
  • Food – I cook a lot. And bake. Sometimes I make recipes by others, sometimes my own, but always freaking delicious. Oh, and kitchen tips & tricks show up here too.
  • Home & Garden – While our home situation is still a temporary one, I have plenty of fun ways to pretty up said temporary places, get them organized and make them cute. We also do not have a garden space right now, but soon we’ll be getting into container gardening around here, while still working on my parents’ Retirement Garden Project.
  • Style – I used to be really inept at putting together an outfit. Ever since my sister forced me to discover my color palette, I have been getting a damn sight better. Along with hair and makeup, this section documents my search for my personal style.
  • Rainbow World – Speaking of color palettes, I’m sort of color-obessed, seasonal and otherwise. This is a newer section, but I have been slowly but surely putting together a guide on 12 Season Color Analysis. You can find that here, with plenty of other color love.
  • The Bear Cave – Behind the scenes, stories, photos and all kinds of other stuff. Sort of the “general life” section.

Sponsor – If you’re a blogger, business, Etsy shop or other service, you can get a really low rate for advertising on this blog (featured on every post and page). And right now, I’m offering a special where if you purchase a 3-month block, you receive the third one free! Slots start at $10 a month, and traffic is surging around here right now, it’s the perfect time to give it a try!

How to Participate – One of the best ways we can work together to enrich this community is to share! Are you working on an awesome project, cooking something delicious, growing something beautiful, or doing something that is making your day super cool, tell me about it! I love to share reader projects on the blog, and that totally extends to guest posting. I am always accepting guest posts that fit The Project Community’s interests.

And if there is a product, service or blog you can’t get enough of, tell the class! We love things that make our crafting and our lives easier. You can email me right here.

Thank You

There are all kinds of big things happening behind the scenes on the blog right now that will (I hope) make Leave Me to My Projects even more fun, helpful and easy to navigate. Digital organizing and the like. Some popular old features are getting revived and filled out, and I am so excited to share them with you.

I’m so incredibly jazzed that you all are here. Thank you for everything. The Project Community is just the damned best. Are you one of us yet?

Natalie Webb

So happy. See? Also, very tired.


  1. this is so exciting!! congrats on the blog success 😀 you’re a bit of a superstar and i’m tickled to be part of such an awesome community!! xx

    • Natalie Webb says:

      And I’m so glad you’re here! This all feels pretty huge right now.

  2. Erika Towle says:

    LOL you caught me! Yes I am one of the ‘lurkers’ so I figured I would just say hi & sign up 🙂 I’m Erika & live in NH. I am new to knitting but love it! Even when I end up frogging most of my project.. I’m also trying to learn how to sew. my sewing machine & I are trying to get acquainted… We are both temperamental!! I also make jewelry , cross stitch, love photography, puzzles, some crafting & do a ton of reading. I’m not working due to a chronic back issue so I have lots of time to do my hobbies. I look forward to reading your posts, it looks like a fun site!

    • Natalie Webb says:

      So sorry to hear about your back, but a little jealous of all of the time you have spend on projects! Love that you’re such a crafting fanatic, and feel free to share some of your creations! The Facebook page is a good place to do that! https://www.facebook.com/leavemetomyprojects