Knitted Toys and The Project Shoppe on Etsy!

Knitting is a hell of a drug.

Once you begin, there is no going back. At first, you’re content with acrylic yarn and plastic needles. Then you move up to metal and wool. Then you discover bamboo and cashmere. It’s a slippery slope.

Knitted Toys

Baby Bear SURROUNDED by Rainbow Blorps

Even if you’re a knitter who is addicted to the good stuff for wearable knits, there is a way you can use up those random partial skeins of yarn, no matter how cheap or rough the fiber: toys.

And in case you were wondering, yes, you can totally buy these dudes pictured here on my brand spanking new Etsy shop, The Project Shoppe!

The Beginning

My obsession with knitting toys began on my lunch break one day, walking past Rudy’s Roundup in Wicker Park. The shop is a giant jumble of random awesomeness. That day, in the window, was Knit Wit – a book of adorable/disturbing knit and stuffed creatures and monsters. It was on.

My first project was Dave. I think his description will explain why he was my first choice. Also, he is wearing tighty whiteys.

Dave Knit Wit

Knitted Toys

That’s Mr. Abominable in the back there, Dave on the right.

Then there was Frank, Mr. Abominable, the owls, Vampiric Panda, and more. I was was hooked.

Vampiric Panda

He’s ever so excited to suck your blood.

Getting Custom

Next, I got custom. The task was to alter Dave to be a little effigy of a big bearded be-pomped and tatted biker. Challenge accepted, and Bobby was born. Better yet, I got paid to make him!

Bearded Tattooed Knitted Doll

Creepy little Bobby.

Making My Own

Still, I wanted to make something all my own. It was Christmas and I was in the middle of quite a game of Dragon Age Origins. There is a small side quest involving the search for Nugs, these snuffly little subterranean bunny pigs. My party member who hears voices names hers Schmooples.

I also had this tiny little brand new blog that was a mere two months old, and with my first two (reverse-engineered from already made projects) patterns being so popular, I thought I would make a blog-specific project. So I made a few Nugs as cat toys, which our cats promptly ignored. Baby Bear loves playing with them though.

DAO Knitted Nugs

Schmooples X3

To Sell or Not to Sell?

I love writing and creating things for this blog, and while I would do it for free, it is not free to run. It’s not super expensive, but it’s definitely not free. And of course there is the cost of living and all…so yes, I am attempting to make a supplemental income from my blog. Adsense wasn’t really cutting it, so I figured I should start selling some of my wares. People buy these things from me all the time, and even commission knitted pieces.

Since the blog at the time was transitioning to be a big old rainbow, and my logo was a round rainbow, this thing sprung to mind. I made one, and got three offers to buy them the next day at barber school. By adult men. They really do seem to be the biggest lovers and buyers of my creatures. Go figure.

Rainbow Blorp

Then more Blorps came. In multiple sizes.

Rainbow Blorps

And now there are 12 of them, which I piled on top of my stepkid. I don’t think this counts as child abuse. She was squealing, but it was with glee.

Rainbow BlorpsRainbow Blorps

To Etsy!

And now my Etsy shop, known as The Project Shoppe, is up and running, and the Blorps are my first listings. These have been a labor of love over the course of many many months in my little snippets of spare time, and I am beyond thrilled to finally list them. We have talked before on the blog about my and our issues with project completion, and this giant bag of balls is proof that I can totally do this.

Rainbow Blorps

Coming right behind the Blorps on the Etsy shop are three different kinds of beautiful handmade organic soy candles. All of them are made with fresh herbs and flowers straight from our garden, as well as some gorgeous essential oils in pretty little reusable glass jars. We have Grapefruit/Sage, Lemongrass/Thyme and Sweet Orange with Marigold and Hibiscus. We had a little wax left over and also made a Chamomile/Lemongrass/Lavender one, which we may just have to replicate, because it is amazing.

There will also be handmade silk flower flower fascinatiors for weddings and the like, two of which I have made, and the rest will be made to order.

Thank you all so much for being patient while I’ve been finishing up these projects! What projects have been filling up every spare second of your time?