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Home Tour - House Animals

Today I wanted to give you a little peek inside our place. While it’s certainly nothing you would find in a design magazine, being a temporary apartment and all, it does have its charms. And it is FULL of animals.

Two are of the breathing variety, one is in a box under my bed (the ashes of my dear deceased bunny Marshall – I know, I’m creepy to the max), and many more are of the decorative sort.

Owls and bunnies and dragons oh my!

Favorite Things - House Animals

I found this guy at Rudy’s Roundup down in Wicker Park. I love hanging my keys on him every day when I get home. He’s a great greeter after a long day.

Favorite Things - House Animals

This chubby little dude was a wedding present and also greets us when we walk in the front door. He sits right next to our adorable owl doormat (not pictured).

Favorite Things - House Animals

Our gargoyle sits on the shelf with all of Papa Bear’s occult and Pagan books. They take up a whole shelf. You know he’s an ordained minister specializing in non-traditional weddings, right? You didn’t? Well he totally is. And he has plenty of geeky reference books for wedding research.

It would be like a bearded Giles (of Buffy fame) officiating your wedding. If you’re having a less-than-traditional wedding in the Chicago area (or Midwest, really), you should totally check him out.

Favorite Things - House Animals

I have had this sweet little porcelain bunny since about the time I adopted Marshall. It always reminds me of him. He sits on top of a box of functional Ocarinas, and next to the book gifted to us by the dear family friend who married us. It has our whole beautiful wedding ceremony in it. This little section of shelf is precious.

Favorite Things - House Animals

I have no idea where this damn thing came from, but for a long time I thought it was kind of weird. It’s hollow, so you can put stuff in it, but it’s big and awkwardly shaped, so it doesn’t fit hardly anywhere.

But this bunny is lounging with his back feet kicked out, just like my guy used to do. So I have totally grown to love him. He usually holds food that needs to ripen a little and then get used immediately, like pears and avocados.

Favorite Things - House Animals

These little guys are Shucks (left) and Smoochy (right). They’re each holding a little crystal in their out-of-sight hands. I don’t remember a time when they weren’t somewhere in my grandma’s house. Recently, she decided to send them to live at my house. I will treasure these two forever, and one day they will be passed on again.

Favorite Things - House Animals

This is Papa Bear’s dragon, who lives in Baby Bear’s room. It’s super realistic, and insanely geeky. You know, perfect for a 4-year-old girl’s room. Loves.

Favorite Things - House Animals

Baby Bear, in addition to many other surfaces of her room, has two shelves full of animals collected by Papa Bear and I over the years. I’m so glad they have a home in a little kid’s room once again. Now they have a whole new generation of little brains to lead into dreamlands where magic is real and everything is possible.

Because these creatures we collect, that’s what they’re for, right?

Now, quick memo to family: there are plenty of owls here now, including some I forgot to photograph. But this house could totally use more octopi and assorted cephalopods.

What animals do you have all over your house?


  1. Jennifer Keen says:

    You are not creepy for having your Marshals ashes…just sentimental….I love your blog…!!!