Happy Blogiversary!

Today, my friends, is a special day for me. This day, October 27th, officially marks the one year anniversary of Leave Me to My Projects.

The Jerks

This was also happening a year ago today. Enjoy.

When I first began this blogging adventure, this here was a very different blog. The old Blogger version of Leave Me to My Projects had quite a few updates over its 3-month lifespan to take it far from the basic template I started with to what you see in the above link.

But then I made the move to WordPress. If you haven’t been to the front page of this site in a while, check it out and you can pretty well see how far this little blog has come.

You see, a year ago today, I thought that something like this was a blog post. I hope you enjoy that little tidbit of mediocrity, because that was my very first blog post ever. I know, terrible.

Now I’m not saying that every post on this blog these days is the bloggity version of a Shakespearean sonnet, but I hope and believe that I’m bringing a lot more value to the 600-odd readers a day that are visiting this blog now than I was in the beginning.

And now on to Year 2 of Leave Me to My Projects!

This year is going to bring just as much change and improvement as the first year. I have been getting into a much better posting rhythm these days, making better projects, and my technical know-how is getting better every day. I totally even taught myself basic coding this last year!

Papa Bear and I are going to be moving into our own space in about a week, he just started barber school, and I’ll be stepping up my hours at my day job to keep us afloat until he graduates in late June. It is going to take a pretty strict routine to keep the bills paid, keep this blog running, and keep my sanity, but we can totally do this.

This next year is going to be dedicated to the Leave Me to My Projects philosophy of “growing up, living weird and living well.” Because while this is the second year of the blog, for we three bears, we now start the first year of the rest of our lives. Time to get our shit together.

We Three Bears

And get it together we will.

At the end of almost every post, I throw a question out there for the comments section, but this week I have two.

~What big life goals are you working on right now?

~If you’re a blogger, are you brave enough to share your first post?