Friday Features Roundup

I like a lot of things. All of the features in the Make and Grow sections are topics that are near and dear to my heart. So as you might imagine, I spend a lot of time finding the best of the interwebs, all for you guys.

Gourds a-plenty

To close out the week, here is a roundup of the my current faves and obsessions.

This week I’m loving…


"i have no idea what i'm doing" - via Creatures in My Head

Creatures in My Head – I’m kind of obsessed with Andrew Bell’s disturbingly adorable creatures. They brighten my day every time I see them and make me laugh out loud. This is how I feel about me and blogging sometimes. Holdin’ on tight, but I’m going for it.


via Knitting to Stay Sane

The Urban Collection – Glenna from Knitting to Stay Sane is a delightfully crazy knitting lady whose work and patterns I drool over often. Her upcoming Urban Collection is one to keep an eye out for.


via smitten kitchen

Cheddar, Beer and Mustard Pull-Apart Bread – Deb at Smitten Kitchen came up with this amazing recipe, I made it and then it mysteriously disappeared. Almost immediately. No idea how that happened. You can check out Papa Bear and my adventures in pull-apart bread here.


via iHeart Organizing

Basement Progress: Studio Desk Part 5 – Jen at IHeart Organizing has made (yes, made) the most organized, perfect, unbelievably cool desk I may have ever seen. Her list of “desk must haves” is a must copy for any DIY-type person with a lot of stuff.


Yes. Alice in Wonderland paper via Shimelle

Shimelle – Everything Shimelle. I have recently discovered her blog, and it almost makes me want to try traditional scrapbooking, as opposed to my usual digital. Alas, too rich for my blood, at least at this time in my life. If you are a traditional type, head on over.


via The Beauty Department

Eye Focus: Inner Corners – Lauren Conrad’s blog, The Beauty Department, is chock full of pro makeup, hair and beauty tips and tutorials. Although you can use plenty of different light shimmers, this gold highlight is positively gilded.


World's Coolest Wedding via Offbeat Bride

Amanda & Mike’s mega-handmade awesome farm wedding – This may be hands down the more unique wedding I have ever seen. I will not even attempt to describe it, because it needs a whole post to do it justice. But look at this. It’s like a bunch of crazy southern gypsies under the Mother Tree or something. Link. Go. Seriously.


Tree in a Blizzard via Jamie Link Photography

Tree in a Blizzard by Jamie Link Photography Wondering when the snow is finally going to show up this year. I keep looking at wintery photos in the hopes that they will encourage the snow or something before spring shows up.


via Rare Seeds

Rare Seeds – Seed catalogs are arriving, and I am just stupid excited about it. Rare seeds offers 1300 varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs, which I will do my best to keep from ordering all of them.



via Skip Hop

Backpack and Lunch Box by Skip Hop – The Noctua part of OctoNoctua, my email address, is Latin for “little owl,” so as you can imagine, these struck my fancy. Must get one for when Baby Bear starts school, as they are just the right size for little ones.

Balanced Life

Illustration via Uncyclopedia

Is Perfectionism Stalling Your Productivity? – Darren Rouse spoke to me today. In fact, I think he has been watching me. I am a chronic perfectionist, to the point that I can never seem to complete projects, because they’re not “just right.” This is written with the blogger in mind, but even if you don’t blog, there are quite a few good takeaways in this one.


And that’s it for this week lovelies!

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