Friday Features Roundup

This week was a rollercoaster. It was one of those weeks where I had both the super highs and the super lows of my old buddy bipolar disorder, and I was quite a sight, I tell you. I listened to a lot of Adele.

I feel as if I am starting to get back on track, and I am going to make my famous Waldorf Chicken Salad tonight. It is one of those things that makes me very happy.

Wild birthday party

Another thing that makes me happy is seeing an old friend. I have known Hope Moonrise, as she is called these days, since before she was born. These days she is in college out in Seattle, she is a fabulously talented singer and actress, and Baby Bear could not get enough of this giant in her living room.

Hope is quite tall. She also likes to have birthday parties where she dresses up as Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

Much of the rest of the week I was either tweaking out from brain-chemical surges or crying at commercials that were NOT EVEN SAD, and spending lots of time at the barber school knitting. Post-Valentine’s Day is not a busy time in the shop.

But now I prepare to launch into the new week with a clear and balanced head, leftover chicken salad (actually, with Papa Bear around, that may not be true), and some behind-the-scenes digital life organization in place for myself.

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And now, the link love.

I like a lot of things. All of the features in the Make and Grow sections are topics that are near and dear to my heart. So as you might imagine, I spend a lot of time finding the best of the interwebs, all for you guys.

To close out the week, here is a roundup of the my current faves and obsessions.

This week I’m loving…


The Loved Ones Left Behind via Jeannie Paske

Obsolete World – Jeannie Paske makes my heart ache. Just read her description of the world in her head.

There is a world tucked away behind this one. An old world made up of endless fields,distant hills and timeworn cliffs. A place where the sun is always setting. A land in which extinct slow-moving monsters and elegant gentle-faced creatures of all shapes and sizes reside. Delicately balancing their hope with despair. Reminiscent of long departed dreams and uncollected thoughts. Time stands still here, so as to let the residents gaze in solitude upon the vast, richly textured skies. Forever in search of a place to better sit and watch their world pass them by.

Her work is nothing short of perfection. I would love to buy one of her pieces for Baby Bear’s bedroom. Perfect for dreamland.


Simple and sexy, but just complicated enough

Rhodium by Gyorgyi Suta – White mesh knit wifebeater. YES. Click through to check out the back, the stitching is gorgeous. I need to make this. So very hot.


Chai muffin heaven

Chai Spiced Glazed Doughnut Muffins via My Baking Addiction – I have a very deep-seated love for chai. It’s like a more exotic pumpkin pie spice type of flavor, and I can think of few things I would  like to have in my mouth more than these delectable little doughnut/muffin hybrids.


Get ready for the week

How to plan for a week of meals via Offbeat Home – I used to be awesome at meal planning. At some point I got way off track. Offbeat Home is here to help.


Have candles, will play with candelight photography

Candlelight Photography via Digital Photography School – I used to be good at photography, I really did. Now I can barely remember the basics of aperture and f-stops. Digital Photography School is overflowing with information for both the beginner and intermediate photographer. Both for life documentation and the blog here, I am actively working on improving my photography again. Let the fun begin.


Around the world from a traditional wedding dress

World’s Most Elegant Steampunk Wedding? via 100 Layer Cake – Oh my. The details on this wedding just froze my brain. Beautiful photography, wedding traditions broken all over the place, the purple and peacock tones…this whole wedding is completely unique. Love love love.


Watch your garden grow

Time Lapse Plant Camera – I have wanted this for so very long, but unfortunately the $100 it costs is going to be spent on seeds soon, as opposed to this nifty little device for tracking their growth. One day I want to track a whole year in my garden with one of these babies.


Hug it. Love it.

Worrible – More creepy delight from Andrew Bell. Baby Bear would love one of these to snuggle with.

Each Worrible is genetically engineered to be in tune with human anxiety, fear and doubt. Grab one, give it a squeeze (5 seconds or more) and your problems will be absorbed into to the Worrible’s own body and subsequently converted into a calming excretion. Repeat whenever overwhelmed. Do not expose Worrible to tequila.

Balanced Life


Zen Habits. Leo would be upset if I said more. Go. breathe.



And that’s it for this week lovelies!

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