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  • Weddings – I’m getting married this August, and my wonderful little seester in July, so from now until then, there are a bunch of little bees in cummerbunds bouncing around in my brain. I hope you’ll enjoy the madness as much as I do.
  • Modern Pagan Wedded Bliss – My wedding: intimate, modern, pagan, naturey, minimalist, full moon, molecularly gastronomic, French, Irish, blue, green, magical herbs, a feast for the senses, followed by two weeks of backpacking through the UK.
  • Leetle Seester’s Wedding – My beautiful little ginger sister’s wedding: rustic, vintage, DIY, rainbow, barn, prairie, summery, funk music, hippie jam fest, place of pure happiness.
  • Rustic Weddings – Worn and weathered weddings in places that might kill seasonal allergy sufferers warm my heart.
  • Vintage Weddings – I absolutely adore soft and romantic vintage weddings with muted tones and handpicked details.
  • Chicago Weddings – My Hometown – There are so many amazing wedding venues right here and abouts my hometown of Chicago.
  • Our Rustic Engagement Shoot – Papa Bear and I plan on being awesome crazy old people one day. Why wait? We’re going to play the young versions of our old selves for our engagement photo shoot.
  • Engagement Sessions – From cute and sweet to lovely and romantic to offbeat and badass, I love engagement photo shoots of all kinds.